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League of Legends
League of Legends

League Of Legends New Patch Releases New Champion

Patch 6.24 is incoming for League Of Legends and alongside a number of big changes to the game - the last of 2016 - Riot Games will also be releasing its latest champion to the game, Camille. Camille won't be released alongside the patch, but she is added into the game via this. After that she will be released in the coming days and weeks for players to try out the new top laner. So really the focus here is on the changes to the existing champions, among which many older characters are finally getting a bit of love. Azir, for example, has been altered to make him a little more effective since he became less viable. His soldiers can be summoned more quickly (and therefore more often), while his turret does more damage per minute and is worth less gold to the opposition. Fiddlesticks is getting a buff in the form of initial early damage and a reduction to his E cooldown, while Garen has an added ability to reduce armour to enemies hit four times in a bid to make him more useful once he's gone all-in. LeBlanc has been reworked a little more towards her bursty assassin style than the recent changes to her kit, which has resulted in a reduction to her health regen, a big change to her Q - Shatter Orb that increases overall damage but reduces bounce damage to minions while her E has had its damage taken down a step. Elsewhere Varus has seen a buff to see his passive scale with attack speed, and it will proc for the same length of time a before regardless of whether the kill was an enemy champion or minion - now five seconds in total. There are nerfs, too, such as current strong ADC choices Twitch and Vayne getting a reduction to their damage potential, Rengar's Bonetooth Necklace reducing bonus attack damage and fairly new champ Ivern having his slow cost more mana and be less effective to weaken his early ganking potential. There are other smaller tweaks to a quite a number of Champions, too, which you can check out on the official League Of Legends Patch 6.24 blog post.