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League of Legends
League of Legends

Max is MVP in LCK victory

Korean LCK side MVP have come out ahead in a top of the table clash against KT Rolster, with support player Jeong "Max" Jong-bin stealing the headlines with his performance, along with an almost impossible Baron steal, and the extremely rare support quadra kill. The Thresh hook (or "Death Sentence") is very rarely considered a damaging ability, but Max didn't seem to care as he launched his hook deep into the Baron pit. Despite KT jungler Go "Score" Dong-bin having smite, Max managed to land the killing blow. The surprising part of this win is that despite the miraculous steal, KT still managed to go on and secure the game one victory. Fighting for their lives in the series, it was Max yet again who turned the tides of battle. This time with a quadra kill on support Sion. Game three saw Max bring out the Brand in the bottom lane, and while he yet again posted a strong performance, it was his lane partner and AD Carry Oh "MaHa" Hyun-sik that really stole the game on Varus. Without a single death, MaHa became the biggest threat to KT, who had gambled on buying magic resistance to counter the four ability power users on MVP. MaHa even picked up a Guardian Angel in the off chance KT were able to get to him. The win makes it two for two against KT for MVP. When the teams met earlier in the season it was MVP who handed KT their first loss of the season. The result today means the two are now tied in the standings in third position. As the gauntlet draws closer, the next two weeks will be crucial in determining the playoff seedings in the LCK. KT will face Kongdoo Monster, Afreecs Freecs, and Longzhu Gaming. MVP have a much tougher run in, going up against Rox Tigers, Samsung Galaxy, and league leaders SKT.