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Meet League Of Legends Newest Champion, Kled

Meet League Of Legends Newest Champion, Kled
Riot Games has revealed the newest Champion to add to League Of Legends ever-increasing roster, and this time it's another Yordle - one riding a lizard-like mount called Skaarl. Riot has been making a concerted effort to introduce new and interesting mechanics into League Of Legends with each new Champion (or Champion rework) and Kled is no different. The biggest key feature of Kled is in fact his lizard mount. Skaarl has its own health bar and - once depleted - will actually ditch Kled, leaving him to fight alone. It's an interesting system that ties into the super aggressive playstyle that Riot wanted this new League Of Legends Champion to have. Here is a rundown of Kled's abiltiies:
  • Skaarl The Cowardly Lizard (Passive)
    • Both Kled and Skaarl have their own health pools, and Skaarl's health bonus is also increased by any items, runes and masteries that are applied to Kled.
    • Skaarl will abandon the fight when his health is depleted, at which point Kled will gain bonus movement speed when moving towards enemies. Kled can bring Skaarl back into the fray if he attacks towers, other Champions or epic jungle monsters.
  • Beartrap On A Rope (Q Ability while mounted)
    • Kled throws a trap at a targeted enemy, and if he remains in vicinity for a couple of seconds will pull the rope in, slowing the enemy and dealing damage. The ability deals extra damage to minions.
  • Pocket Pistol (Q Ability while unmounted)
    • Kled fires a short range flurry of bullets in a small, targeted cone, simultaneously knocking Kled back a little.
  • Violent Tendencies (W Passive)
    • Kled's basic attacks will cause a frenzy, giving him bonus attack speed for the next four basic attacks with the final, fourth attack dealing an additional percent of the target's max health.
  • Jousting (E Ability while mounted)
    • Kled and Skaarl charge in a short direction, damaging any minions and Champions in the path. If this ability hits an enemy Champion or large monster then it is marked and the ability can be reactivated to dash a second time through the target.
  • CHAAAAAAAARGE!!! (R Ability while mounted)
    • Kled's ultimate causes the duo to charge towards a targeted area, building up a shield in the process and boosting the movement speed of any allies caught in the wake of the charge AOE. Once Kled arrives at the targeted area, Skaarl will automatically home in on the first enemy encountered, dashing into the Champion and dealing a percentage of their max health as damage.

Kled's interesting kit relies on him playing aggressively throughout the game, and just because Skaarl might abandon him that doesn't might he's suddenly weakened. In fact at that point a good Kled player will need to make a decision between fight or flight. The fact that Kled - solo - earns a bonus movement speed towards enemies highlights just how key that decision is and if he can stay upright during a fight he can bait Skaarl back with a refreshed health bar, renewing his battle vigour. The frenzy passive is interesting, too, since it's a big focus for how Kled deals damage. Without it he's not capable of dealing quite as much damage, and so he needs to be aware of whether or not he intends to be fighting a Champion soon, otherwise he'll need to use his abilities exclusively to farm minions. There's a good bit of utility to the Champion with his boosted movement speed for allies and his slow with his Q ability, so he could make for a rather interesting addition to the roster. We'll find out for certain once he's released for play...

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