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League of Legends
League of Legends

No Chance For EU In League Of Legends' Worlds

This weekend saw the semifinals of League Of Legends World Championship 2016, but let's get the sad news out of the way first - UK-based team and the only EU competitor to have made it to the finals, H2K Gaming,won't be making it to the grand finals this weekend. Its Korean opposition, Samsung Galaxy, came out on top in a series that really didn't give H2K Gaming much chance, but since that was the second game of the weekend let's first tackle the initial of the two semifinal matches. And, boy, was this a match you wanted to see.

Worlds 2016 - SK Telecom T1 Vs ROX Tigers

Played between SK Telecom T1 and ROX Tigers, this was as tense and as close as a best-of-five series can get with the first game starting slow as each of the sides tried to feel each other out. SK Telecom built up a slow and gradual lead over the course of the game, but it wasn't until SKT went for Elder Drake that the game was decided. ROX Tigers attempted a steal, but it wasn't enough ultimately leading to SKT claiming the objective and even turning the team fight into a 4-kill boost for Faker, giving the team the opportunity to charge into the ROX's base and take the first game. The second game was quite the opposite, with ROX leading an exciting early game that ultimately gave them just the gold advantage they needed to stay ahead - despite pressure from SKT - to take the second game as their own. ROX continued its charge in the third game with a much more dominant win, returning the Miss Fortune/Ashe combo that they had trailed in the previous game - this time feeding Ashe to an unstoppable level that gave ROX the strength to claim Baron, a number of towers and inhibitors before taking their second game of the series. As a result, Miss Fortune was banned by SKT in the fourth game halting the advantage that ROX was having in the two games prior. SKT went on to win the fourth game with quite a hefty lead, but ultimately it was a split push during a fight for Baron that gave SKT the game. The final, deciding game of the series was intense, then, as the back and forth between the two teams was coming to a head. It was very much a game of to-ing and fro-ing, which culminated in SKT building up enough to get ahead and finally claim its third - and final - game to send it into the grand finals.

Worlds 2016 - Samsung Galaxy Vs H2K Gaming

When compared to the early match between SK Telecom T1 and ROX Tigers, this match was considerably more one-sided - once again proving the dominance that Korea has in the League Of Legends scene. Despite the 3-0 clean sweep by Samsung Galaxy, the games certainly started in a very powerful moment for H2K Gaming who managed to get first blood within the first minute and a second kill only a few minutes later. Early on that's an important lead to have, but this strong start soon began to collapse as SSG still managed to claim a big enough advantage to hold H2K Gaming's initial lead at bay which ended up turning into SSG's first of three victories. H2K Gaming still managed to take control of the early game in the second match, only this time they managed to hold back SSG enough to keep control. It was futile in the end, of course, but H2K's inability to win in team fights turned the game around for SSG who ended with an impressive KDA considering the poor start. The third and final game didn't give H2K much to work with as SSG took a very early lead and kept on to it. Unable to keep up, Samsung Galaxy took its third and final victory in 26 minutes - knocking the UK-based team out of the tournament. SK Telecom T1 will face Samsung Galaxy this coming weekend as we wait to see which team will be crowned World Champion for 2016.