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League of Legends
League of Legends

Why 100 Thieves will win the Summer Split

100 Thieves has currently been dominating the Summer Split, taking down former Summer Split champions like Counter-Logic Gaming and Team SoloMid while also going head-to-head with fellow top contenders Team Liquid and FlyQuest. However, despite the fierce competition in the League this year, 100 Thieves has the best shot by far at winning the entire 2018 Summer Split. Sure, there are other enticing prospects, but I can guarantee that no team has as explosive of a playstyle as 100 Thieves. Why? Let me explain.

Their Roster is Stacked

100T Aphromoo

100 Thieves has one of the strongest rosters in the world and, without a doubt, the strongest team in North America. Their top laner, Ssumday, was almost an MVP in the LCK as well as a World Championship qualifier. Their jungler, AndA, can play anything from Taiyah to Poppy, meaning that he has an incredibly diverse pool of champions to choose from. This can especially come in handy when you need to build a specific team composition to help counter your opponents. Mid laner, Ryu, went head-to-head against SK Telecom’s Faker in his prime. Cody Sun, the AD Carry of 100 Thieves, has proven on more than one occasion that he can be the player that wins the match for them. However, the most important piece of the team has undoubtedly been Aphromoo. His insane Thresh and consistent Bard has made him someone who can go from playing an aggressive engage support to someone who provides healing and crowd-control from behind the frontlines. Moreover, his ability to shot-call and force plays makes him a vital playmaker. He is a true leader, guiding his team and ensuring that their play is organized, effective, and efficient. He’s the reason 100 Thieves can secure Baron and Dragons with ease; he knows when to go in and isn’t afraid to admit when it’s time to get out. Combine this with his mechanical prowess and you have an extremely strong player leading four other talented individuals into battle. That’s something no team will have an easy time facing. With such a strong set of players and a worthy captain leading them, there’s no wonder as to why they’ve been experiencing the success they have.

The Meta Isn’t a Problem

In today’s day and age when it comes to League of Legends, the meta is never constant, always changing to adopt new strategies and playstyles. The meta always seems to bolster one or two roles over others, and learning the meta is key to competitive success. If a team can adopt the meta quickly, it gives them an edge to those who are still getting acclimated, and it also allows them to experiment with different strategies and compositions. The introduction of the gold-funnelling meta has turned the competitive scene on its head. Whereas players were content with playing champions in their intended role – keeping jungle laners in the jungle and top laners in the top lane – the gold-funnelling meta has revolutionized League of Legends. While teams tried desperately to funnel all their gold to one specific player, the previous strategies were retired. 100T v EF LoL Most teams took weeks to adjust to such a new and unique meta, yet it took 100 Thieves only days. This gave them an advantage over almost every team in the world. While everyone else was struggling to adapt to such a sudden and drastic shift, 100 Thieves was able to take advantage and start fine-tuning their playing. 100 Thieves' ability to adjust and play so quickly to the meta makes them such a strong pick whenever you look at the fundamentals. Let’s face it: you don’t want a team that is one-dimensional, and 100 Thieves’ variety is just one of the factors that makes them so dangerous. When picking a team that you want to put your trust behind for the playoffs in League of Legends, you need to look for three things: their roster talent, play-making ability, and ability to adapt. 100 Thieves has all three of these. They have five talented individuals who have proven their worth more than once on the competitive scene, they were one of the first to adapt to the hectic meta that has taken over League of Legends, and they have shown that they’re not afraid to make plays that win them key objectives. They’re going to be the ones leading the charge in the Summer Split and they're destined to be heading to the World Championships. Move aside, Team Liquid. It’s 100 Thieves’ time to shine. Make sure to read my predictions for the winner of EU LCS Summer Split – but you may be surprised.