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League of Legends
League of Legends

Why KT Rolster can topple SKT's legacy

The LCK has been known for their extremely strong teams, consistently being world beaters and setting the standard for League of Legends esports. Because of this, they have a long list of notorious players and highlights throughout the history of the League of Legends competitive scene. One of the teams that made this possible was Sunkyong Telecom. You could say that they were the ones that crafted out the legacy for Korea and made them the strongest region in the world. To this day, the most talented players come from Korea, but it looks like there’s a new super-team in town. KT Rolster, for several years now, has been competing versus SK Telecom at the highest degree. They haven’t let up once and now, it looks like SKT is starting to slip, and KT Rolster has the opportunity to take down SKT once and for all.

It's bound to happen

Ever since 2016, SKT has steadily been showing shakier and shakier performances. They haven’t taken first place in a Split for a while now and KT Rolster recently placed first at the 2018 Summer Split. Overall, they’ve been showing stronger performances and more coordinated acts on the field while SK Telecom is still trying to hold on by a thread. Furthermore, not only did KT Rolster place first in the Regular Season, they placed first at playoffs as well. There’s no doubt that KT Rolster has been consistently performing better than SKT over the long run. SKT’s reign is over and now, KT Rolster is here to fill in the gaps. How are they going to do it? Simply put, they’re going to use their talented players to make sure that every field is utilised to the very best.

Star-studded line-up

Anyone who’s been following the LCK or League of Legends in general since 2015 will know about SKT’s near-perfect year. The only real struggle they faced was losing to Edward Gaming in the first-ever Mid Season Invitational. That was the year every single player they had on the roster was at least top three in the world in their respective lane. Marin dominated the Korean scene at top lane, losing to no one. Bengi was a top three jungler at the time and Faker was contested by no mid laner. [caption id="attachment_106262" align="alignnone" width="600"]KT-Rolster-Summer-Finals-300x203.jpeg Credit: Inven Global[/caption] As for the bot lane duo of Bang and Wolf, they were what made the team so special. Each of them brought something extremely important to the team. Bang was playing a whole new playstyle no one had seen before and Wolf’s utilization of support made him a great utility player. Combined, both of them were unmatched in LCK and were only rivalled by Uzi and his support at the time. That just goes to show how powerful the entire SK Telecom roster was at the time in 2015. Even after 2015, they still continued to have strong players come and go and they continued to assert a strong dominance in the field of League of Legends. During the entire time, though, KT Rolster was slowly catching up and now, they’re right next to SKT in terms of strength. The main reason that this is happening is that, right now, KT Rolster has a much stronger roster than SK Telecom. KT Rolster can be compared as the SK Telecom roster of 2015 and they might actually be even better than that. In the top lane, they have Smeb, who in 2016 was considered the best top laner in the world. Now, he might be even better than his 2016 self because he has a whole new array of champions waiting to be used in this year’s tournament. Their jungler is Score, a top three jungler in the LCK right now, and his scores reflect that. He can play anything from a mage Taliyah in the jungle to a power-farming Trundle whenever needed. This versatility has proven extremely helpful. Their mid laner, Ucal, can be considered as a general of sorts who leads the team and makes sure that they stay together in the fights and it’s proven handy. Just take a look back on their 2018 record. Finally, their bot lane duo of Deft and Mata have both been together for quite a while. Deft was around to upset SK Telecom during his time on Edward Gaming and Mata has proven to be a versatile pick as he can play nearly any support his team wants him to play. This allows Deft a considerable amount of freedom to play what he wants and work around the bot lane. SKT-T1-300x194.jpg This team of players have proven time and time again to have both resilience and consistency in their matches. Not only do they know what their game plan is and they can execute it well, but they’ve also been executing them much faster than ever before. KT Rolster has the super team of the LCK right now and there’s no doubt about it. Three of their five players have been considered to be the best in their region at one point in time and two of them are considered to be one of the best right now. The facts don’t lie and neither do the results.

They're crafting their own legacy

This year, the LCK was turned upside down as SK Telecom failed to qualify for the World Championship. Instead, the three teams going to Worlds are Afreeca Freecs, Gen.G, and KT Rolster. Afreeca Freecs are new to the scene while Gen.G and KT Rolster are experienced veterans. As you can see, KT Rolster has been here before but every single time, they’ve fallen short of winning a World Championship. Most of the time, it was by SKT but occasionally, they even experienced setbacks by Chinese super teams such as Royal Never Give Up and Edward Gaming. Now, with SKT out of the way, KT Rolster has the shot at creating their own legacy. They’ve been known time and time again to show up at the World Championship and perform to the highest calibre. Even though they haven’t won themselves a title yet, they’ve had a shot at getting one every single year. The only reason they weren’t able to secure a title in the past is that they didn’t have the strength to do so at the time. They were outmatched by SK Telecom nearly every time but with SKT gone, it’s KT Rolster’s turn and right now, there’s doesn’t seem to be anything in their way.