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NBA 2K League drafts its first female player

After an agonisingly long wait in Brooklyn's Barclays Center, Warriors Gaming, the NBA 2K League team representing the Golden State Warriors, officially drafted the first professional female 2K player to its ranks, picking up Chiquita "Chiquitae126" Evans in round four of the draft. Evans was one of only two female players that qualified for the draft through the online combine, with Brianna Novin not making the cut but still available as a free agent. The 30-year-old former college and semi-pro player was cheered on by her fellow players as her name was called out, and struggled to hold back tears when asked about how it feels to be such a huge part of history. https://twitter.com/NBA2KLeague/status/1103106007901880325 Despite choking up, Evans made it clear that this draft "changes everything. It means everything to me". Having faced harassment over the years, struggling to play without being taunted by male teammates who refused even to pass the ball to her, it must be nice to prove so many people wrong and live her dream in the process. https://twitter.com/NBA2KLeague/status/1103107680124715008 Female involvement in esports has been a constant issue in the industry in recent years, with many people especially disappointed at the lack of representation at the highest levels. Hopefully now this will begin to change – Evans thinks it will, at least. “I do feel like if I get drafted a lot more women will be interested and they will feel more comfortable with being themselves and going out here and competing,” Evans said. “I can only imagine, you know, four or five years down the line, how many women would feel comfortable enough to go out here and compete.” Evans' favourite player, Kevin Durant, even had something to say. “Esports has become a huge thing now,” Durant said. “More people who enjoy the game might get an opportunity to be professionals and make some money for themselves and make some money. I think it’s cool.” For a full round-up of the 2019 NBA 2K League Draft, visit the official 2K League page.