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New anti-cheat system for Warzone and Cold War on the way according to reports

A new anti-cheat system could be available for current CoD titles very soon, after being in development for over a year.
New anti-cheat system for Warzone and Cold War on the way according to reports
Hackers and cheaters have become a recurring problem within the Call of Duty franchise, as these have wreaked havoc on the experience of many Warzone and Cold War players.

Although their developers have made multiple waves of bans, it seems increasingly difficult for the situation to be fully resolved, worrying fans of the game and content creators like JGOD and TimtheTatman due to the unplayable state of the games.

Call of Duty Cold War Season 5 gameplay
(Picture: Activision)

However, everything indicates this will change shortly thanks to a report by Tom Henderson, a well-known Call of Duty insider who has confirmed the release of a new anti-cheat system for both titles, after just over a year in development.

While it’s not the first time we hear about the developers efforts to combat cheaters, with Activision working internally to stop the development of hacks for consoles and shutting down a cheat-providing company, these are great news that will cheer all players after having to deal with this since the games’ launch.

Raven Software has also shown hints about their anti-cheat in their most recent tweet, stating they will release details about something they have been working on “behind the scenes” soon, while also confirming the banning of 50,000 accounts prior to the next season.

Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 gameplay
(Picture: Raven Software)

With Season 5 of Warzone and Cold War launching very soon, it will be crucial to follow all the announcements from Raven Software and Activision, in order to know the possible release date of this long-awaited tool.

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