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How To Get 100 Massacre Bonus in Diablo Immortal

Reach the 100 Massacre Bonus in Diable Immortal for more XP with this handy guide, levelling up faster in the process.
How To Get 100 Massacre Bonus in Diablo Immortal

Levelling up is an important part of the Diablo Immortal character process, and the Massacre Bonus is just one cog in the wheel of the entire system. While it may not be the most important bonus in the game, it can save a ton of time in the overall levelling process.

The bonus itself gives you a small buff to XP gained as you continue to take enemies out in a given dungeon. Building up the Massacre Bonus can technically be done anywhere, but the dungeons will be the most viable. These bonuses have been available in past Diablo games, and it is integral to getting your own character up to the highest level in the least amount of time.

Diablo Immortal - How to get 100 Massacre Bonus

Massacre Bonus 100
Reaching a full bonus rewards players with the most XP. (Picture: YouTube / Scrappy Academy)

Earning a 100 Massacre Bonus in Diablo Immortal is based on temporary fighting. There are no stats or equipment that can provide the same thing, so combat is the only way to keep the XP buff going.

Step one to earning the bonus is simply killing enough enemies. Every time an enemy is killed, there is a small window in which you can continue to take more out and watch the combo increase. Each subsequent enemy killed brings the bonus up by one at a time. If too much time is taken in between, the combo or chain will end.

The main goal is always to boost the chain all the way up to 100 enemies killed, which is why the buff is called the 100 Massacre Bonus. It's the highest number that can be reached before the chain stops counting and the XP no longer has increasing returns.

While the chain can't be increased beyond 100 in total, that doesn't mean the bonus XP starts there. As long as enemies continue to be slain within the short window tied to the combos, the bonus will remain.

Maintaining the 100 Massacre Bonus in Diablo Immortal

Massacre Bonus Diablo Immortal
Utilize your party to keep the bonus going. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

Retaining the 100 Massacre Bonus is important to anyone attempting to grind as fast as possible in Diable. One of the best ways to ensure the buff remains is to group up with other players. Immortal is sure to have tons of players available, so this step may not be too difficult.

Having a full party will make constant enemy kills or even contact far easier, especially when you journey with them into the right areas. Of course, some areas are better than others for building up a strong Massacre Bonus. One example is the Forgotten Tower due to the close quarters of the layout.

Make sure to lead enemies as you move through and pay attention to enemy windows as you raise the bonus. As long as damage is inflicted, the streak will remain.

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Featured image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.