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All 3 Diablo Immortal Factions Explained

Diablo Immortal has three Factions that can affect everyone in the game, here's a guide explaining everything you need to know about them.
All 3 Diablo Immortal Factions Explained

Diablo Immortal has three different Factions that not only change the rewards you can earn but also change the entire dynamic of the game. Depending on the Faction you are in, your objectives and teams can completely change.

Considering how in-depth the Factions are within Diablo Immortal, this guide won't serve to describe every single nuance between each one. Instead, the following guide will outline the basics of each of the three Factions. There is a lot to learn about each one, and they all play a role in the overall plot of the game, but a broad outline can save you plenty of grief as you begin your journey.

All 3 Factions explained within Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal group
Clans can make a difference in the Cycle of Strife. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

Unlike other Diablo games in the past, Diablo Immortal will have a ton of focus on the Battlegrounds aspect of the game. This PvP mode is what drives the Faction system within the game, and it is the main source of confrontation between the two largest Factions.

When you begin Diablo Immortal and start to rank up, you'll become an Adventurer by default. Adventurers are the first Faction, and they don't necessarily have as much impact on the game as the other two Factions. They will have access to channels that provide rumors on the PvP war, but that's about it.

Even though Adventurers have no impact, they will be the largest Faction in the game. Players who can't make it into the Shadows, or simply don't care, will all end up here. There are still rewards to be earned, but it's mostly based on bounties and gold.

If you decide you want to leave the Adventurers and join the Shadows, there will be a process. You can start by entering the Shadows lottery and hope for a random invitation to the Faction. Otherwise, you will need an invite from someone who is in the Shadows.

Within the Shadows, there are a ton of Dark Clans and potentially infinite players in the Faction. There is no limit on the player count in this Faction, but they will still be smaller than the Adventurers. The goal of the Shadows is to create a powerful army that can eventually take down the Immortals Faction. In Diablo, this continuous PvP battle is known as the Cycle of Strife.

Diablo Immortal Faction
Earn more rewards with higher factions. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

Every week, the top 10 Dark Clans in the Shadows will go up against the Immortals. In this battle, All teams will have separate matches of 8v8 at the same time. Whichever side can win a majority of the matches will have victory. If the Immortals win, they move on to the next week.

Immortals are the strongest players in the game, and when they do lose in the Cycle of Strife, it's those 10 best Dark Clans that take over. The strongest leader of the Dark Clans becomes the one Immortal.

It is the job of the Immortals to hold back the Shadows and retain power. But as each week goes on, the Shadows will become stronger and the teams can always change. Of course, all of this action comes with plenty of reward and renown in the process.

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Featured image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.