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Best Diablo 2 Druid Class Build in Ladder Season 5

Rain down fire on your enemies with our guide on creating the best Druid build in Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Season 5.
Best Diablo 2 Druid Class Build in Ladder Season 5

If you're looking for the best class to deal tons of damage, with an easy play style and the ability to chain damage, then the Druid class is your best bet in Diablo 2 Ressurected Ladder Season 5. However, as with most classes, you can only get the best out of the Druid class with the right build, and that's where this guide comes in. 

Below we'll be walking you through our pick for the best Druid class build in Diablo 2 Ressurection Ladder Season 5, the Fissure Druid. As well as taking you through the best gear to use, skills to employ, and much more. 

Update on 21 September 2023: We've updated our best Druid class build in Diablo 2 with all the latest information and changes in Ladder Season 5.

Is The Druid A Good Class in D2R Ladder Season 5?

The Druid is an excellent class to take into Ladder Season 4 as it sports a high damage output on either single targets or groups of enemies. It's also lauded for being an easy class to master and makes chaining abilities together fun and intuitive. However, it does have some downsides.

Best Diablo 2 Druid Build Ladder Season 3 Is class for you
The Druid is an ideal class for dealing high damage to single and multiple targets with an easy to learn play-style. (Picture: Blizzard)

The Druid class has relatively low mobility, and its fast in-your-face style of play can leave you open to taking damage yourself if you aren't careful. However, there are workarounds to this, and those are what we'll be using in our pick for the best Druid build below, the Fissure Druid.  

Best Diablo 2 Resurrected Druid Build: Fissure Druid

The Fissure Druid takes fire damage and cranks it up to 11, with its Fissure and Armaggedon abilities that deal tons of damage over a wide AoE (Area of Effect), which can clear out a pack of enemies with ease. Its single target damage dealer, Firestorm, paired with abilities such as Molten Boulder and Volcano can be used while your other abilities are on cooldown, making you an unstoppable force of nature. 

The latter two abilities Molten Bolder and Volcano can even be used against Fire Immune enemies thanks to their physical damage. When used with the Sunder Charm mechanic to weaken enemy resistance to your damage element even further, you can consistently deal damage as well. And on top of all of that, there are some skills and gear that you can use to buff your build even further as listed below.  

Fissure Druid Gear and Sockets

Item Slot Main Item  Slotted Item(s)
Weapon Heart of the Oak Ko Rune, Vex Rune, Pul Rune, Thul Rune
Weapon Swap Call to Arms Amn Rune, Ral Rune, Mal Rune, Ist Rune, Ohm Rune
Shield  Pheonix Monarch Vex Rune, Lo Rune, Jah Rune
Body Armor Enigma Mage Plate Jah Rune, Ith Rune, Ber Rune
Helm Ravenlore Rainbow Facet Jewel
Gloves Magefist  N/A
Boots War Traveler  N/A
Belt Arachnid Mesh  N/A
Ring 1 The Stone of Jordan  N/A
Ring 2 The Stone of Jordan  N/A
Amulet Death Mark amulet  N/A
Charm 1 Annihilus Small Charm  N/A
Charm 2 Flame Rift Grand Charm  N/A
Charm 3 Gheeds Fortune Grand Charm  N/A
Charm 4 onwards Shimmering Small Charm Of Good Luck  N/A

Fissure Druid Skills

Best Diablo 2 Druid Build Ladder Season 3 Fissure Druid Skills
Here are the best skill investments for the Druid Build in Ladder Season 3. (Picture: Blizzard)

Which Mercenary To Use With Diablo 2 Fissure Druid Build

As with most builds in Diablo 2, the Mercenary of choice is the Act 2 Desert Mercenary, which can be hired from Greiz. Its Might Aura ability can weaken enemies immune to your source of damage. And when equipping his weapon with Infinity, its Conviction Aura can reduce enemy resistances even further, and possibly break monster immunities, including Fire. 

Best Diablo 2 Druid Build Ladder Season 3 Mercenary
The ideal Mercenary for the Druid is the Act 2 Desert Mercenary with its useful buffs. (Picture: Blizzard)

Alternatively, you can choose to equip your mercenary with The Reapers Toll, which boosts the physical damage of Molten Boulder, Volcano, and Armageddon. However, we believe that Infinity is the best choice as you can deal more damage consistently. 

Alternative Diablo 2 Druid Builds in D2R Ladder Season 5

As always, there are some alternative builds that you can try out if you're curious, though for the Diablo 2 Resurrection Ladder Season 4, we still suggest the Fissure Druid as the best build. However, if you're still keen on experimenting, below you can find some great alternative Druid builds courtesy of the fantastic Maxroll website

Best Diablo 2 Druid Build Ladder Season 3 Alternate Builds
Below you can find some of the alternate Druid builds available in Ladder Season 3. (Picture: Blizzard)

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