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Diablo Immortal Chaos Herald Pyl Raid - How to Defeat and Special Item

This guide will show you how to defeat the Chaos Herald Pyl Helliquary Raid in Diablo Immortal and gain the special item for defeating it.
Diablo Immortal Chaos Herald Pyl Raid - How to Defeat and Special Item

The first Helliquary raid players will encounter when playing Diablo Immortal is the Chaos Herald Pyl which acts as an introduction to this new Helliqaury system. For those wanting to know more about this raid and the boss you need to defeat during it, then you're in the right place. 

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about the first Helliquary raid, the Chaos Herald Pyl. Including how to defeat it for players struggling to do so, and the special item you receive as a reward once completed. 

How to Find the Chaos Herald Pyl Raid in Diablo Immortal

The Chaos Herald Pyl Helliqaury raid can be found in Westmarch near the Palace Courtyard Waypoint by doing Rayeks questline called Demonic Remains. After completing the Library of Zoltun zone, Rayek will ask you to enter the Challenge Rift and defeat the Chaos Herald Pyl and clear the Rift floor. 

Diablo Immortal Chaos Herald Pyl Raid How to Defeat and Special Item Westmarch doing Rayeks quest
Players will face Chaos Herald Pyl while doing Rayeks questline in a Challenge Rift. (Picture: YouTube / Iczel Gaming)

Players should be aware that this is a solo raid, and the Chaos Herald Pyl will only spawn on the highest Challenge Rift that you haven't completed yet. So if you are currently on Challenge Rift level 1, you won't defeat the boss on level 1, it will be on level 2 or higher. 

How to Defeat the Chaos Herald Pyl Raid in Diablo Immortal

While the raid itself isn't extremely difficult as it's meant to be an introduction to the Helliquary system, it is tuned to be moderately challenging. But there are a few things to consider when taking it on for first-time players, such as the demons it summons and the Burning ground effect. 

Diablo Immortal Chaos Herald Pyl Raid How to Defeat and Special Item Boss fight
Avoid Chaos Herald Pyl's attacks and counter quickly to defeat the boss as quickly as possible. (Picture: YouTube / Iczel Gaming)

Chaos Herald Pyl will summon his minions which can overwhelm you quickly if you aren't careful, so try to take them out as quickly as possible as soon as they spawn. Using AOE (Area of Effect) attacks can work well on these mobs and help in dealing some damage to the boss as well if you're near it. 

The Burning Ground Skill is another attack to watch out for, as he creates a ring of fire that deals constant AOE damage to anyone standing near it. It also deals with some debuff effects that can be problematic, so we recommend avoiding this attack at all costs. 

He will also use the SPiked Ground attack that sends spiked rocks towards you from the ground, you can look out for when he raises his staff and move to the left or right quickly to avoid it as it can cause you to stagger if it hits you. 

The ultimate attack that Chaos Herald Pyl performs is the Blast Wave AOE attack, which deals massive damage if it hits you. We recommend avoiding this by moving away as if you decide to tank it, it can easily shave off half of your health, keep repeating the steps above by avoiding his attacks and countering until you eventually defeat the demon. 

Chaos Herald Pyl Raid Rewards in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal Chaos Herald Pyl Raid How to Defeat and Special Item Pyls Flowing Chaos
Players will receive Pyls Flowing Chaos as a reward that grants players a stat boost in Challenge Rifts. (Picture: YouTube / Iczel Gaming)

Once Chaos Herald Pyl has been defeated, players will receive a reward for defeating him, called Pyls Flowing Chaos. This is a Helloquary reward that you need to take to your Helliquary and place inside.

Once you do, you will receive a permanent boost to your Critical hit chance by 10%. Though this will only take effect when doing the Challenge Rifts and not during regular gameplay.

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Featured image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.