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Diablo Immortal Lassal The Flame-Spun Raid - How to Defeat and Special Item

Here is our guide on how to defeat Lassal the Flame-spun in Diablo Immortal, and how to receive the rewards for doing so.
Diablo Immortal Lassal The Flame-Spun Raid - How to Defeat and Special Item

Diablo Immortal features many bosses for players to challenge and test their strength against, and as part of the new Helliquary system in the game a new and powerful boss that players can take on in the game is Lassal the Flame-spun. This is a difficult boss to bring down, lorded as one of the most difficult in fact, and if you find yourself struggling to bring down this beast then this guide is for you. 

We will be walking you through everything you need to know to locate and defeat this powerful Helliquary boss in Diablo immortal, along with the rewards you will gain when defeating it. 

How to Find Lassal the Flame-spun in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal Lassal The Flame-spun Raid How to Defeat and Special Item Location
Lassal the Flame-spun can be found in the Dark wood at the Tree of Inifuss Waypoint. (Picture: maxroll.gg)

After Defeating the first Helliquary quest, you will be able to interact with the Demon Portal located in the Dark Wood, near the Tree of Inifuss Waypoint. Doing this will teleport you to Lassal's Sanctum where you can face him and hopefully bring him down.

We recommend a combat rating of at least 420 for level one of this fight and 1250 for level two. And when it comes to defeating the boss, the difficulty lies in the fact that this boss has four different phases, each with its attacks and strategies. 

How to Defeat Lassal the Flame-spun in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal Lassal The Flame-spun Raid How to Defeat and Special Item Phases in Battle
Lassal has four phases that players must work through to bring him down, making him one of the most challenging bosses in Diablo Immortal. (Picture: YouTube / echohack)

Phase 1

The first phase is all about avoiding his attacks as much as possible to conserve your health and resources, while slowly dealing damage to bring him into the second phase. His first set of attacks is a Jumping attack that will highlight a circle on the ground where he will land and deal damage to those around him. 

The second attack he will perform is a small AOE (Area of Effect) cyclone that deals heavy damage in the forward direction. It is immediately activated when his claw lights up and isn't telegraphed very clearly, so stay behind him as much as possible to avoid it in this phase. 

The third attack is similar to the previous one, except the cyclone will now cover 170 degrees in front of him dealing heavy damage. To avoid it, again, stay behind him as much as possible and chip away at his health while keeping yourself out of danger. 

Phase 2

Phase two involves similar attacks as the first phase, but he will now also begin summoning Slagspitters that can overwhelm you with their numbers. We recommend focusing on clearing them out before focusing back on Lassal. 

He will also summon Demon Warriors to aid him, but they aren't as deadly as the Slagspitters, so take out all the summoned mobs quickly and focus back on Lassal. Keep damaging him when you can, to eventually bring him into the third phase. 

Phase 3

In phase three Lassal will begin using the Big Explosion attack, signaled by him raising his hand and summoning a volcanic explosion that deals high damage. Avoid this by moving out of the way of the attack when marked on the ground. 

Next, Lassal will summon three boulders, which he will then melt together into one. Avoid standing between them as he does this and use them as cover when he does the Big Explosion attack. 

This is the most high-risk phase as a lot is going on that can easily kill you, so be vigilant of your surroundings, telegraphing of attacks, and find openings to counter to bring Lassal's health down slowly. From here you will enter the last phase. 

Phase 4

In phase four Lassal will lose his cool and begin spamming all the previous attacks at you at random, but that's not all. He will also inflict Fire Circle Debuff on two players in your party, dealing fire damage in a small area around them. 

Diablo Immortal Lassal The Flame-spun Raid How to Defeat and Special Item Defeating Lassa is difficult and requires strategy
Once players reach the final phase they have to prioritise healing, dealing damage and outlasting Lassal as his attacks are erratic and powerful. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

Use all the strategies from before to avoid damage and counter his attacks whenever you can, also use the boulders he summons to shield you from damage while you either wait for an opening or to heal yourself and your party members. 

Lastly, your party is very important in this fight, so be sure to save your Resurrection Stones for helping a friend out or yourself if need be, and try to keep most of your resources for this phase. Eventually Lassal the Flame-spun will fall and you and your party will gain some valuable rewards for your efforts. 

Lassal the Flame-spun Rewards in Diablo Immortal

After Defeating Lassal, players will receive rewards that relate to the level they defeated him at. Below are the rewards you receive at the Corresponding level when Defeating Lassal the Flame-spun Along with the Flame-Twisted Claws that players can slot into their helliquary, granting them +30 Combat Rating rating as well as 10% additional Attack Speed in Challenge Rifts only.

Diablo Immortal Lassal The Flame-spun Raid How to Defeat and Special Item Lassal will drop special rewards and a special item when defeated
Once defeated Lassal will drop special rewards along with a Helliquary reward. (Picture: YouTube / TrepChains)

Level 1 Rewards

  • Mystery Equipment

  • Gold

  • Chest of Glory (top 3 players)

  • 10 Scoria

  • 10 Scoria (Warband Raid)

Level 2 Rewards

  • Mystery Equipment

  • Gold

  • Chest of Glory (top 3 players)

  • 15 Scoria

  • 15 Scoria (Warband Raid)

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Featured image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.