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Diablo Immortal Charms Guide - How to Upgrade, Alchemical Powder, and more

Check out this guide for how to upgrade Charms and collect Alchemical Powder within Diablo Immortal through the collection of Simple Charms.
Diablo Immortal Charms Guide - How to Upgrade, Alchemical Powder, and more
Gear progression has a ton of moving pieces in Diablo Immortal, and upgrading Charms is one aspect that players will want to keep an eye on as they become more powerful. Like so many systems in Immortal, earning items takes time, and it can get tedious.

Charms in particular are already difficult to acquire, and even more frustrating to make use of for your own character. While the process will always be drawn and randomized, learning how to speed up the system will save you time and resources.

How to get Charms in Diablo Immortal

Simple Charms
Simple Charms are the most malleable in Immortal. (Picture: YouTube / Veiled Shot | Diablo Immortal)

Earning Charms is just step one in the overall Charms system for Diablo Immortal. For those who want to skip most of the entire process, the option to buy Charms on the player Marketplace is always an option. But this will get expensive both in and outside the game.

Most players will end up earning their own Charms, and they need to be rank 1 simple Charms if you hope to upgrade your own. Obtaining these charms won't be easy, even with a few different methods. There is a limit to how many of these items can be earned in each method, even with money spent.

First and foremost is the Bounty system which can be done daily. Eight bounties can be completed every day, and with each completion, there is a chance for Charms. However, the odds of getting what you want are incredibly slim compared to other options.

Daily activities are the best bet for earning Charms fast. Every day, you can earn Battle Points and claim the item you want in the Daily Activities tab. Only one Charm can be earned each day, but these add up of course. Using the Hilts Trader will also guarantee Charms, but only three can be purchased per week.

The final method for earning a Simple Charm is by buying the base Battle Pass. Two tiers on the pass will guarantee that these items are rewarded, but it's the least lucrative of all the options.

How to upgrade Charms in Diablo Immortal

Grand Charms
Grand Charms will require plenty of luck and resources. (Picture: YouTube / Veiled Shot | Diablo Immortal)

Now that you have a Simple Charm, it's time to start the upgrade process, which is even more convoluted. To start this part, head to the Charm Craftsman located in the southern part of Westmarch. Once you're here, interact with the Craftsman and select the upgrade option.

It's important to note that all Simple Charms are random initially, and their skills can be entirely useless to your character. There is no way to change these, and they should be used for Salvage later on. Salvaging them will reward you with Alchemical Powder. This is the main ingredient behind upgrades.

Each upgrade will allow the Charm to go a tier up and earn a new random skill. These can go all the way to tier five, with five new skills and random percentages from two to ten. Alchemical Powder will never have the ability to change these skills, but there is a way.

Skill stones are used to Imbue a Charm and change the skill already set. Just like anything else, this is randomized and could go towards any class or any number. To earn these, the Marketplace is your best friend along with Platinum.

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