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5 game-changing Ultimates in League of Legends

5 game-changing Ultimates in League of Legends
In League of Legends, an ultimate is the most powerful attack in the game. When used properly, an ultimate can turn the tide of the match on its head and give you a huge advantage over your opponents. However, there are a few ultimates in LoL which have proved to not only be more useful but also more effective, game-changing, and outright awesome. While each of these ultimates may be drastically different from the other, they are all among the most powerful in the game.

5. Abyssal Voyage (Tahm Kench)

Tahm Kench

It’s hard not to love Tahm Kench. He’s a big, fat catfish that wobbles around, saving his teammates when they’re in trouble while also being able to be an effective force on the frontline. His entire kit is built around repositioning the enemy team or the ally team. Therefore, it’s only fitting to have a cross-map teleportation ability which can help you pincer off an enemy player/team. He also has the ability to take a teammate along for the ride. Once done, they travel across the map and blink to their selected destination. This ultimate provides players with the ability to escape from dangerous situations and even begin some surprise team fights.

4. Chronobreak (Ekko)


We all make mistakes in League. Sometimes we overstep or we over-commit to a play, leaving us to wish we could have a second chance. If you haven’t guessed by now, Ekko’s ultimate does exactly that. By activating Chronobreak, Ekko rewinds back to where he was just four second prior, becoming invulnerable for the entire rewind and dealing a large circle of area-of-effect damage, even providing some crucial healing. This can lead to some pretty awesome outplays and even give him an opportunity to quickly get back where he was without wasting any time. Simply put, Chronobreak gives an experienced Ekko player limitless opportunity.

3. Lamb’s Respite (Kindred)

Kindred LoL

If the opposing team manages to pull off a surprise attack when you and your teammates are rotating or looking to enforce vision control, your team won’t last long. However, thanks to Kindred’s ultimate, your team won’t have to worry about this. Lamb’s Respite allows you to keep your team in the fight for a few extra seconds while also allowing the opposing team to waste their key spells. Kindred’s ultimate works so that Kindred drops a large circle on the ground. Anyone within the area can take damage but will not fall below a certain amount of health. Because of this, for a few seconds, no one can die. After the ultimate expires, the circle explodes, healing everyone within the area. You can use it in team fights to keep your team going for the last leg of the run or you can use it on yourself in a close duel so that you can manage to level the playing field if you start to slip up. Either way, Kindred’s ultimate is one that should never be ignored.

2. Death From Below (Pyke)

Pyke LoL

One of the newest champions, Pyke, has brought yet another diverse playstyle to the game. But it’s his ultimate which really separates his abilities from the others. In fact, Pyke’s ultimate is so strong that he’s been able to single-handedly change the mechanics of the team fight. Pyke’s ultimate is called “Death from Below” and essentially, he can blink to another location if there are champions or minions nearby. He deals area-of-effect in the shape of an “X” but there’s a twist. If the champions are below a certain bar of health, they are instantly executed. If properly executed, Pyke’s ultimate will refresh. Any champion who assisted with the kill is also given the full gold reward. Essentially, Pyke is the perfect clean-up champion and can turn the fight around within seconds while also giving a stack of gold to any champion who helps. Because of this, he can kill two birds with one stone. This is what makes him such a strong and deadly champion in almost every team fight.

1. Death Mark (Zed)

Zed LoL

Zed’s ultimate is unmatched both in versatility and power, making him a significant threat in both team fights and duels. Zed’s “Death Mark” allows him to become invulnerable for a second while blinking to an enemy and casting a shadow where he last was. For a few seconds, he is given the ability to re-activate the ability and he can blink back to his shadow. After three seconds, his Death Mark triggers and he deals a percentage of all his damage dealt within those few seconds. This allows him to take his opponents by surprise and blast down enemies in the blink of an eye. Zed has already amassed a large highlight reel and has created some of the most iconic moments in League of Legends history. Just watch Faker and his jaw-dropping outplay against Ryu.