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League of Legends
League of Legends

Dignitas Shrimp: "Hai is the core of Flyquest"

Lee "Shrimp" Byeong-hoon became Team Dignitas’ starting jungler late in the 2017 Summer split, during a difficult period when the team was struggling for consistency. After adding Shrimp to the roster, the squad finished the season with a 6-2 record (11-7 overall). Despite suffering a clean sweep this weekend against CounterLogic Gaming in the third place match, Shrimp is optimistic about how they’ll fare in the regional gauntlet. You guys had a pretty rough loss today. When you guys are at a deficit in a series, especially today when you were down 0-2, who on the team tries to keep the morale high? There’s no one person. Everyone on the team just talks together and tries to cheer each other up. We say things like “we have nothing to lose.” That’s how we do our thing. It helps us keep morale up. CounterLogic Gaming’s jungler, OmarGod, is a relatively new player. What do you think of him as a jungler? Do you think he’s very good or do you think it’s CLG’s style of play that allows him to succeed? I think OmarGod, compared to when he first debuted, has gotten much much better. I think he has improved a lot as a player. CLG is full of veteran players. I think they all helped him out. They all work well together; they have great synergy as a team. All of that, I think, is what lead to his good performance. The gauntlet is coming up and you’re playing Flyquest in the first round. How do you feel you match up against Moon? That’s a good question. Today was my first time playing on a big stage. I can kind of take the loss from today and learn from it and then when we play against Flyquest I can take this experience and use it against Moon. Who do you think is the most important for you, as the jungler, to shut down on Flyquest? So, I think a lot of people have this opinion and I personally agree that Hai is the core of Flyquest. So, if we focus on him and Hai has a couple of calls that don’t work then I think Flyquest will falter. I think that’s what will work out best for us. We recently have seen a bit of creative picks in the jungle like Afreeca Freecs’ Spirit picking Lulu against MVP in their regional gauntlet. Do you have any crazy jungle pocket picks that we might see? So, I personally play a lot of Ezreal jungle because it’s fun in solo queue but in organized play it might be a little more difficult. I do have a lot of pocket and surprise picks that I have been preparing to bring out in the right situation. Today, those situations didn’t really come up.