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League of Legends
League of Legends

Here Are The Teams Heading To Worlds Semifinals

Another weekend of intense League Of Legends has passed, and now we're one step closer to declaring a Worlds winner for the year. With eight teams facing off against each other, there was always going to be some disappointment especially as the hype surrounding Albus NoX Luna ultimately hit a wall; yep, sadly the team was knocked out by H2K Gaming. What is interesting about the best of five series that were played was that only two of the losing sides were able to actually win only a single game, making this quite a clear-cut victory for those teams that have survived to head into the semifinals. The H2K versus ANX match was the last of the weekend - rescheduled due to ANX's Likkrit contracting chicken pox - and, as you might have expected, went towards the stronger team of the two. Despite the hype surrounding Albus NoX Luna, the series was pretty much one-sided in favour of H2K Gaming - who began with a strong lead and never really let up in the games that followed. In game 2 and 3, H2K claimed significant killstreaks early on in the game that gave them the lead that ANX just couldn't come back from. The series ended 3-0 to H2K and though ANX managed to defend its base well at times, it never looked in control. At the start of the weekend of games, however, was Cloud9 versus Samsung Galaxy. In a clean 3-0 sweep, Samsung Galaxy managed to hold back C9 at every opportunity, starting exceptionally strong with a 27-minute victory in which it scored an impressive 20 kills in the short space of time. The following two games weren't quite as dominating for Samsung Galaxy, with C9 managing to hold back the team and keep the gold advantage to a minimum. The two near-40 minute games did eventually go to SSG, though, who picked off the right players or came out on top in team fights - as well as take far more objectives - to give them the extra boost to charge into C9's base relatively hassle free. SK Telecom T1 versus Royal Never Give Up followed the day after, and it was a mostly one-sided series. The first game went to RNG who controlled the whole map. Though it ended with only 10k gold between the two teams, SK Telecom struggled to get a single dragon or baron, which gave RNG the strength to push on into the base. The following three games were completely different stories, however, with SK Telecom winning all three with around 20k gold advantage in each of the matches played. RNG managed to stall out the second game until the 45 minute mark, but the remaining two ended in around 30 minutes. With 13-3, 21-8 and 22-9 kills in favour of SK Telecom, it was always going to be tough for RNG to bring it back. The third of the four matches - between ROX Tigers and Edward Gaming - was a similar story, also ending 3-1 and ultimately being controlled almost entirely by ROX. The first two games were exceptional victories for ROX, the former ending with a KDA of 18/4 for the team and the latter ending in only 26 minutes with EDG losing practically every fight and failing to destroy even a single tower. The third match did go to EDG, however, who managed to gain a little advantage over ROX before going on to win. It wasn't enough to bolster the team, though, and EDG ultimately lost to ROX in the fourth and final game of the series. League Of Legends' World Championship continues this weekend on 22 October, beginning with ROX Tigers and SK Telecom T1 and then followed by Samsung Galaxy against H2K Gaming.