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League of Legends
League of Legends

League Of Legends: Check Out Ryze's Rework In Action

Ryze has been a target for multiple tweaks and changes over the years for League Of Legends, but the Rune Mage never found that perfect spot for balance - either far too overpowered or far too underpowered. And so Ryze has finally been reworked into something a little different, hopefully in a bid to make the character a little more manageable in terms of balancing but - as with all of Riot Games reworks - recreate some of the older characters in League Of Legends' roster to make their playstyle feel a little more unique. That's what has happened here, though Ryze's unique feature of building ability power the more mana he has still remains a core part of his set with his passive. Ryze still relies on his combos to achieve success, but now he has a little more adaptability to them. His E now applies a mark that can be passed on either by hitting that same target - minion or Champion - with the ability, or killing that target. It's useful for the laning phase, which can be used to tag opposing players to allow for early trades. Additionally, abilities used on a target with a mark will have enhanced effects. His W remains mostly the same, a root that holds an enemy in place for a certain amount of time - longer if that target has been marked with his E. His Q - Overload - now builds runes, and this is where Ryze's new adaptability comes in. Using other abilities will reset the cooldown of Overload, allowing you to use it again immediately after and earn a rune. Build two runes and cast Overload again and Ryze will receive a shield and a movement speed boost. And, additionally, hitting any target marked with his E will deal extra damage and cause Overload to also strike any nearby enemies also marked - consuming the mark in the process. It's a little more complex now then, but ultimately means you can decide whether to go for additional DPS - but casting Overload after every ability - or go for defence by building two runes and creating a shield. His ultimate has been totally reworked, though, and now creates a channelled teleport ability that moves Ryze and any allied characters - Champions and minions both - to a nearby area specified by Ryze. Great for initiations and escapes. But anyway, why not check out the Ryze rework in action, with the League Of Legends Ryze Spotlight video that Riot Games recently released:

League Of Legends: Ryze Champion Spotlight Video