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League Of Legends: Day Two Of IEM Katowice

League Of Legends: Day Two Of IEM Katowice
Day one of IEM Katowice brought us a mix of realised expectations and quite a number of shocks, so it was with excitement that we watched day two roll on, beginning with the Group B Winners Bracket.

Group B Matches

Unicorns Of Love vs Flash Wolves

After the hammering that Flash Wolves gave G2 Esports - EU LCS legends that they currently are - in the first round of the tournament, many went into the next round anticipating that same confidence, And, well, they were right to do so. The first game began with an advantage to Flash Wolves, whose First Blood and an early gold lead gave them the strength they needed to take the game. It was a drawn out affair - Unicorns Of Love managing to hold on with a few downed towers - but Flash Wolves was in control from the start. The second game wasn't quite as clear-cut a victory for Flash Wolves, with no clear gold lead for either side for the majority of the match. Despite the closeness of the game, however, it was a shorter match in the end - 37 minutes to the first game's 48 - that didn't tip the scales towards Flash Wolves until they claimed a second Baron. The 2-0 victory won FW the series, knocking Unicorns Of Love into the Losers bracket and progressing into the quarterfinals for a guaranteed place in the semis.

Kongdoo Monster vs G2 Esports

This match was in fact the final game of the day, seeing yesterdays two losing teams face-off against one another as the sought to make it into the semi-finals. On paper this was a clear victory for G2 Esports, but with yesterday's surprising defeat there were naturally some reservations about the shakiness of G2. That doubt was brushed away in the first game where a quick victory from G2 Esports ending in 31-minutes. It was a slow start for both sides with no real gain on either team, until a double-kill for G2 gave just enough of an advantage that the LCS champs could capitalise on and push on for an early win. The complete opposite was true in the second game, however, where - able to run with a strong LeBlanc - Kongdoo Monster smashed G2 from the get go, closing the game in an even quicker time than G2 had managed with 27-minutes. With all to play for, the third game in the series was definitely one to watch. G2 Esports was eager to stay on after a surprising stumble in the first round, while Kongadoo Monster clearly saw its opportunity to make it further into the tournament, it is, after all, an underdog compared to some of the competing teams. What resulted was a tough bout between the two sides, neither letting the other get ahead. Kills were traded almost like for like, an the gold advantage never really wavered in favour for one particular side. It was an unchecked Baron kill that ultimately gave the single advantage that was needed, G2 Esports taking the Baron buff easily thanks to a lack of vision from Kongadoo, the added strength give G2 enough power to barrel through to the Nexus in only a handful of minutes later. This knocks Kongadoo out of the tournament and puts G2 Esports into a Losers Bracket match against Unicorns Of Love to decide who will make it into the semi-finals.

Group A Match

M19 vs Hong Kong Esports

Group A saw only a single match in the competition on day two, the Losers Bracket match between M19 and Hong Kong Esports, a game that could have really gone either way for the two sides. Sadly there wasn't much to get excited about in this match. Some fans went into the match-up hoping for M19 to show a glimmer of the Albus Nox Luna they once were, but that was not to be. An early lead from Hong Kong Esports in the first game - thanks primarily to the First Blood within the first five minutes - gave the team a strong start that M19 never really recovered from. M19 struggled to compete from this point on, always having to play defensively against an increasingly snowballing opposition and struggling to take even a handful of objectives. By the 35-minute mark, the game was an easy win for Hong Kong Esports. It was clear in game two that M19 was dejected, and if the first game had been a struggle for the team then the second was near-impossible for them to overcome. It was unable to claim even a single victory, and lead to a decisive series victory by the 31st minute for Hong Kong Esports. As a result M19 is now out of the competition, with Hong Kong Esports moving on to take on H2K Gaming in the second Losers Bracket match of Group A that will take place tomorrow.

IEM Katowice's League Of Legends tournament continues Saturday 25 2017.