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League of Legends
League of Legends

League Of Legends: Galio Rework Coming In Patch 7.6

It's been a long time coming, but Galio - one of the most veteran League Of Legends Champions - is about to finally get his rework, and he's got quite a bit more personality this time around. There's no official details just yet - just the teaser video above - but as ever it offers enough of an insight into how the character will be changed with his rework beyond just the visual. It seems most of his abilities have been changed completely, though his can still throw out a whirlwind towards a target. It seems that now it will knock enemy players down, though whether the movement speed boost gained from its wake remains isn't yet clear. Now he's also received a dashing attack which will knock up any enemy struck by it. This ability seems to ground pound the area after striking an enemy, too, so perhaps dealing AOE damage alongside it. In the video he's seen taking on Katarina, perhaps a clue that he's to retain his mid-laning heritage. Then there's a clue as to what his new ultimate might be, a Pantheon style leap into the air where he bursts at an uncanny speed towards a targeted area dealing AOE damage - and presumably knocking players up. Riot employee 'Reav3' confirmed on Reddit that Galio's signature AOE taunt will remain, but it won't be his ultimate. Following typical rework conventions, this Galio rework will likely have more specific details in the coming days, be made available on the PTR soon before bundling in along with the upcoming 7.6 League Of Legends patch. But with all these changes, our favourite new feature might be the added personality, changing Galio from the rather dull gargoyle to more of an arrogant superhero character. The reveal was released by Riot Games with the quote "I'm Here. You're Welcome." which should go some way to highlighting just how fun this new Galio might be to play as.