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League Of Legends' Newest Jungler Does Things Differently

League Of Legends' Newest Jungler Does Things Differently
Riot keeps on pumping out those new Champions for League Of Legends, but the latest to head to the game looks like a very interesting addition indeed. Ivern, the Green Father, is a new Jungler, and actually has a very unique way of clearing the jungle. Rather than kill the monsters of the jungle, Ivern's love of nature's creature means he doesn't actually attack them. Instead he spawns a circular field around jungle mobs that, after a moment of charging, can be clicked again to release the jungle mobs into the ether, leaving behind gold, experience and - when necessary - blue and red buffs. This field can be smited, too, to immediately relinquish the jungle mobs. It's an interesting idea since the monsters aren't defeat through the using attack > kite > smite pattern, and means that - as a jungler - Ivern's health pool is smaller than most. He's more of an assistive jungler, then, but this health pool is made up for a Tibbers-style ultimate, Daisy, who can be summoned to body block attacks and knock-up any enemies that might look to defeat the weak plant-god. He's got an interesting set of abilities, as well, and looks to be a fun addition to the ever-expanding roster of League Of Legends characters. Take a look at his abilities below, or the Riot Games Champion Spotlight video below that.

Ivern, the Green Father - Abilties

  • Friend Of The Forest (Passive)
    • This is Ivern's main feature, allowing him to right-click on any non-epic jungle monster to enshroud them, at which point they are encircled. This charges and, once completely charged, can be right-clicked again to cause the creatures to disappear and leave behind gold and experience.
    • This can be smited to immediately cause the camp of monsters to disappear, while right-clicking a camp that is already missing its biggest monster will similarly cause the creatures to immediately be destroyed.
    • As Ivern levels up, blue and red buff copies will be dropped allowing both Ivern and his ally to pick up the buff.
  • Rootcaller (Q)
    • This is a skillshot that strikes an enemy, deals damage and roots the enemy in place.
    • Basic attacking a rooted enemy will allow Ivern and any close allies to charge into basic attack range.
    • Additionally, casting Rootcaller onto a field caused by Friend Of The Forest allows Ivern to jump over jungle walls - at a distance, says Riot, that is really quite vast.
      • This makes for some interesting planning opportunities, and could give Ivern players a lot to learn about timing and when to utilise different fields.
  • Brushmaker (W)
    • Interestingly, this ability allows Ivern to create small patches of brush or - when placed close to one another - can be used to create one large thicket of brush.
    • Brushmaker also has a passive that adds extra magic damage to Ivern's basic attacks when he is standing in the brush.
    • The range on this is quite long, meaning it is intended to be used as a way of playing mind games on the opposition, tricking players into believing Ivern is located somewhere he is not.
    • It can also, more obviously, be used to make targeting allies impossible, and can be combined with the likes of Rengar to empower certain attacks.
  • Triggerseed (E)
    • Ivern's third ability allows him to place a shield on himself or an ally that will charge over a short period, then exploding to deal damage to nearby enemies as well as slowing them for a short period.
  • Daisy (R)
    • This ultimate summons a stone golem called Daisy that can be controlled separately and used to attack enemies.
    • Three consecutive attacks by Daisy causes a row of rocks to burst out of the ground, knocking up and dealing damage to any enemies within a line.
    • Since Ivern is more of a supporting jungler, Daisy acts as a sort of insurance for the character should he be caught out alone without any back-up. The combination of knock-up, body-blocking and additional damage - alongside Ivern's shield from his E - means Daisy can help Ivern survive in an attack that might otherwise not go in his favour.

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