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League of Legends
League of Legends

League Of Legends Patch 6.13 Makes Supports Happier

The latest patch for League Of Legends - patch 6.13 - is now live, making considerable changes to support characters that should, Riot hopes, make for a more enjoyable support role. The idea, says the patch notes, is to not necessarily buff or nerf any of the support characters but, instead, to improve the overall satisfaction of playing these champions. Not all of the major supports are on the list - most notable in her absence is Leona - but the likes of Blitz, Thresh, Lulu and Lyra are all getting tweaks to the way they play. Blitzcrank, for example, has had his irritating combo readjusted - no longer will his Q drop his grabbed opponents directly on top of him - while Static Field won't activate on monsters when he's out of combat. Lulu's been tweaked to make her abilities better suited for support play, but in a manner that Riot hopes won't prevent her from being played in mid. Then there's Tahm Kench, who has been made to be a little more offensive but with alterations to his defence. This means his tankiness has taken a... well, tanking. His grey health will now no longer recover the entirety of the damage dealt. His ult has been retooled, with the damage effect now being applied to his passive. Thresh, too, has seen a bit of a reworking, with his hook and lantern interaction being more forgiving, his shield building more per soul but no longer increasing his ability power. Outside of this, practically all of the support items have been altered to emphasise their functions. Other champions - in particular top champs - were nerfed or buffed too. Irelia and Vladimir was nerfed, Gnar and Jarvan IV were buffed while Volibear, Ziggs, Trundle, Swain, Syndra, Kindred, Zyra and Zilean all had varying degrees of tweaks and bugfixes. You can check the full list of patch notes over on the League Of Legends website, but if you're a support player primarily then there will be something there you'll want to check out for sure.