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League of Legends
League of Legends

League Of Legends: Riot Trying To Stop Early Laneswapping

Riot Games is taking steps to adjust the way League Of Legends is being played at a competitive level by adjusting the way the towers work, in particular at the start of a match. The goal - claims Riot on its post on the message board - is not to completely prevent laneswapping early on in the game, but to increase its risk/reward. The way the developer is doing this is threefold, and all specifically with the turrets themselves. The first is the addition of a Turret First Blood, which will give the player who last hits the turret 275 gold, plus 25 additional gold to every member on the team for a total of 400 gold. An handy early boost, no doubt. Now this alone would only make laneswapping more prevalent, but there are other changes in store. Alongside tower AI adjustments - which we're told are coming in League Of Legends patch 6.16 - the towers themselves are being adjusted. This AI will make it better for defending turrets to target heroes that can remove aggro - such as Fizz or Twitch - and will remember those targets should they return within targeting distance. This should mean it's not as easy for these characters to dive on a tower, easily escape and repeat the process. As for the stats of the turrets, both top and mid lanes will have their outer turrets' health increased from 3300 to 3500 and the Fortification buff will now last from 7 minutes to 5, but will increase damage reduction from 35% to 50%. Meanwhile the bottom lane turret will have the Fortification buff removed entirely, making it the weakest target that will - Riot expects - keep the bot duo in lane or else risk giving up that early Turret First Blood bonus to the opposing team. However Riot, it claims, is investigating a "more nuanced approach to this". In addition to these changes, the way cannon minions spawn are also going to be changed. Now, at the start of the game, cannon minions will spawn in rotating lanes, beginning with bottom on wave 3, mid on wave 4 and top on wave 5 - cycling from there. This occurs until the 39th wave - post-20 minutes - at which point mid receives a cannon minion on wave 40, then both bottom and top receive a cannon minion on wave 41. This pattern will repeat until the 35th minute, at which point every lane receives a cannon minion. Many have claimed that laneswapping - the current meta strategy for early competitive games - creates a boring, predictable start to tournaments, and Riot agrees it seems. These adjustments will hopefully change that, but we can probably expect further tweaks later on. It's also frustrating for pro gamers and teams, for who this change will be implemented just before Worlds - a fact that will disrupt a lot of competitive games initially. "We know the timing’s not great," read Scarizard's post, "and ideally this would have landed sooner to give teams time before playoffs to adjust. With that said, we think it’s important for the state of the game and something worth implementing now versus waiting until the offseason. "We also want teams to qualify for Worlds in the same general meta that they’ll be playing in this October, meaning now’s our only chance to make these changes." What do you think? Will this change bring enough of a significant adjustment to the towers that laneswapping will no longer happen? Was it worth trying to get rid of laneswapping at all?