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League Of Legends: Warwick Rework Detailed

League Of Legends: Warwick Rework Detailed
Only a day after it released a teaser cinematic trailer for Warwick's rework, Riot Games has now released the details of how this League Of Legends champion update has effected one of the oldest champions in the game. On a post about the update, Riot has revealed the new abilities and functionality of this Warwick rework, and while the League Of Legends champion will play a little differently now, a lot of his old school elements have been retained.

Here's Warwick's new rework explained:

Table of Contents:

1/ League of Legends' Warwick Rework

* Passive: Eternal Thirst * Q Ability: Jaws of the Beast * W Ability (Passive): Blood Hunt * W Ability (Active): Blood Hunt * E Ability: Primal Howl * R Ability: Infinite Duress

2/ Warwick Rework Gameplay

* R Ability: Infinite Duress


1/ League Of Legends' Warwick Rework

Passive: Eternal Thirst

  • Warwick's basic attacks deal bonus magic damage, but if he is below half health then the bonus damage heals him for the same amount.

Q Ability: Jaws of the Beast

  • This ability has Warwick dash towards an enemy target, dealing damage and healing him for a portion of the damage. Holding the key down will lock onto the player's target, causing Warwick to dash behind the target instead of in front of them.

W Ability (Passive): Blood Hunt

  • This is similar to Warwick's old playstyle, enhancing it with slightly different functionality. Any enemy champions below half health will leave behind a blood trail and become Blood Hunted. Warwick receives bonus attack speed against enemies that are Blood Hunted, as well as a huge increase to out-of-combat movement speed. Any targets with considerably low health - a number that Riot has not yet detailed - triples these bonuses to attack speed.
  • The attack speed bonus also occurs to neutral monsters, too, enhancing Warwick's jungle clear.


W Ability (Active): Blood Hunt

  • Activating this ability will make the nearest enemy champion become Blood Hunted, even if they're not below half health. This ability has a long cooldown, but reduces twice as fast if no enemies are Blood Hunted.

E Ability: Primal Howl

  • Upon activating this ability Warwick receives reduced damage then lets out a howl, causing enemies to become feared. This ability can be activated again before the duration ends.

R Ability: Infinite Duress
  • A reworking of Warwick's most irritating ability, Infinite Duress lets Warwick leap a large distance - including over terrain - and suppresses the first enemy champion he collides with.
  • The distance Warwick can jump is tied to his movement speed, he is immune to the crowd control during the leap, heals for all the damage he deals during the suppression and also applies on-hit effects.

2/ Warwick Rework Gameplay

Riot also went live with a Twitch stream, highlighting the new gameplay of the werewolf champion with the rework's developers explaining some of the reasoning behind the decisions of his new design. It's included below, but skip to about 45 minutes in to see the stream begin: