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League of Legends
League of Legends

League Of Legends' Warwick Rework Finally Incoming

It's been one of the most requested champion updates for years now, but it seems like Riot is finally gearing up to release a rework for everyone's favourite bipedal wolf, Warwick. A cinematic Champion Teaser trailer - termed as such by Riot itself - has been released, focusing on the werewolf as he hunts down two characters. It's a very well-done trailer, viewed from the first-person of one of the characters to highlight the sense of the chase that Warwick is giving his prey. In terms of mechanics and how the rework will actually play, well, there's very little to go off, this being a cinematic trailer and everything. Riot does like to design these things around core concepts, however, so there are some elements to take a look at. Key among them is the close of the trailer, which shows Warwick leaping a great distance to land on his target. Old school Warwick also features such a mechanic, though the jump is quite limited in terms of distance and functionality. With many of the previous reworks it has done over the years, Riot has always tried to implement a little more adaptability to old systems, and we can probably assume that this means an updated leap attack that will allow players to jump over jungle walls and other blockades to finish off Warwick's prey. This will likely tie into an updated Blood Scent ability, which we also see in the trailer. The character seen from the first-person perspective cuts his hand, and the blood seems to reignite Warwick's chase. It's likely this ability will be returning, too, perhaps with a focus on Warwick's ability to finish off weakened targets rather than dealing damage to stronger, full-health opposition. Whether this will be an active ability or a passive we can't tell, but the canister attached to Warwick's back does change colour at this point, perhaps suggesting that this will be some sort of active buff. These hextech, mechanical additions to Warwick may even allude to totally new abilities and functionality to the big bad wolf not already seen in his current form. It likely won't be long until we find out for sure, but either way Riot's cinematic trailers are almost always a treat to watch. With its first-person view in the Steampunk setting of Zaun - one of League Of Legends many cities - this one makes for especially interesting viewing. Either way, perhaps we'll start seeing more Warwick play at a professional level.