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League of Legends
League of Legends

League of Legends – Week 9 LCS Preview

If you managed to catch any of the Week 8 League of Legends Championship series, you’d have witnessed records and playoff dreams being broken, and a good old clown fiesta or three! One thing it didn’t do was disappoint by any means, and the last week of regular season play still has a lot on the line. Good ol’ GINX will talk you through the current standings and how they can play out, along with our picks of the final regular games for the next few days. EU LCS Week 9 Standingseu w9 standWelcome to EU, the land of casters with great ties and ties in the standings galore! We’ll turn our attention to the top and mid table teams where the interesting stuff can happen! G2 and H2K are on track based on their schedules for a tiebreaker game for 1st place in the regular season, one upset for either of them could turn their playoff dreams upside down. Meanwhile, the battle for 4th intensifies between IEM runner up Fnatic vs Origen. Both team's positions are pretty much decided on day two, where they face off against each other for that all important higher finish.

  EU LCS WEEK 9 Game of Day 1 EU w9 day 1 H2K vs Unicorns of Love This was a battle between 1st and 3rd place a couple of weeks ago, but UOL have been on a downward spiral as of late, going 0-2 last week with some tense games where their previously solid game shot-calling has been called into question. H2K looked quite shaky themselves, but there’s just no denying that they’re a top 3 team in EU. If H2K don’t underestimate their opponents, there should be no upset potential for the Unicorns. Prediction - H2K   EU LCS WEEK 9 Game of Day 2 EU day w9 Fnatic vs Origen Given that day one goes as expected for these teams and UOL, this will be the battle for 4th place. Both teams come into this with their own set of problems, Fnatic is looking great on comfort picks but have shown a reliance on these in Week 8 to perform. Origen on the other hand managed a 2-0 week with subsitiute midlaner Xpeke back having only played a day and a bit of solo queue to practice; impressive given their preparation time, but their wins looked by no means solid. If xPeke and Origen manage to have more time together, 4th should be theirs after this match GINX Prediction - Origen   NA LCS Week 9 Standings NA LCS STand w9   Over in NA, we already have our top seed in Immortals who will be going into this week to hide as many champion picks as they can to save them for the playoffs. Alternatively, we may get some wacky team comps from them as their games having no repercussions for them in the standings. The battle for 2nd place rages on as a shaky CLG and an in form Cloud 9 are looking to lock in their 2nd spot. Towards the bottom of the table, what will potentially be known as the best last place team in LCS history, Renegades, have a chance to get a bit of a better seeding if they 2-0 this week and some upsets go their way. There’s also the fight for 6th and final playoff spot between NRG, Team Liquid, and with an outside chance, Echo Fox. NA LCS Week 9 Game of Day 1 Na w9 day 1 Echo Fox vs Cloud 9 In what should be a very straightforward and almost guaranteed victory for Cloud 9, this match up has upset written all over it. While midlaners Jensen and Froggen have been bodying fools and farming up world records respectively, it’s going to be a battle of the support masterminds between C9’s Hai and Fox’s Big, Hai is universally respected for his decisive plays, but Big has shown amazing growth in the past few weeks. Also one to highlight is an under performing Rush, looking especially shaky on his two Gragas games last week. Prediction - C9   NA LCS Week 9 Game of Day 2 na w9 day 2 CLG vs Team Dignitas If you managed to watch both Week 8 Dignitas games, you’d question what I had in my coffee this morning making this a highlight game. Despite Dignitas winning gold medal in this years game-throwing Olympics, for the first 30 mins they looked genuinely great with top laner Billyboss being instrumental in their early game snowball (and late game throws!) and if CLG have one weakness is playing too many scaling champions. If Dig get out the gates like they did in Week 8, this could be the upset that shunts CLG down to 3rd Prediction - Dignitas (I believe!) Well that’s our thoughts, feelings and wacky assumptions on how the regular LCS season is going to play out. Think we’re being optimistic about the Dig v CLG upset? Want to speculate on Froggen’s combined CS this weekend? Reckon H2K’s ForgivenGRE will finally wow us with his Kalista? Get involved in the comments below and GINX will be back next week to dissect the all important playoffs! GG