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League of Legends
League of Legends

SK Telecom T1 Become First 3-Time Winner Of Worlds

Considering the form the team was on it's perhaps no surprise to learn that SK Telecom T1 has won this year's League Of Legends World Championship, in turn making it the first team to win the annual competition three times. Despite the strength that SKT has been displaying throughout the tournament, however, it was Samsung Galaxy who took control of the first of the best-of-five series, but even then it wasn't a dominating match for SSG. The 50-minute long match rolled on as Samsung Galaxy held back SKT from pushing to far until a final team-fight ended proceedings after giving SKT the advantage it needed to finally take the base. The second game was far more controlled by SK Telecom T1 who went on the aggression almost immediately. The two teams traded evenly initially before a teamfight in the 13th minute gave SKT an advantage it wasn't willing to give up easily. From then it capitalised on every opportunity presented to it, taking every almost every contested objective since then until its gold advantage became impossible to overcome. Undeterred, Samsung Galaxy found the composure to compete in the third game and won its first match - though once again it was by no means a confident victory and was the longest game of the finals coming in at over 70 minutes. It all came down to an attempt at Baron by SK Telecom mid way through the game, where Samsung Galaxy managed to score five kills and five towers to earn a huge lead. It still took a lot of time for SSG to utilise that lead - which says everything of the power of SKT during the tournament - and though the odds were evened a little after an hour of play, SSG still managed to claim itself a victory. The fourth game also went to SSG, though at just under 50 minutes it was practically a short game by comparison. Once again Samsung Galaxy took an early lead and once again it failed to utilise that in any significant way. Around the mid point of the game SKT managed to claw back a sizeable gold advantage, but a push on Baron, a dragon and a tower shortly after rebalanced the odds in Samsung's favour who then went on to ultimately win the game 15 minutes later. The fifth and final game had something to play for then, giving viewers the Worlds final the competition deserved. Both sides were on the offensive, with neither looking to play passively in the decisive match. It was another lengthy match with a back and forth that never really showed either side as the dominating force. It was SK Telecom T1's composure that drove the team, however, that eventually gave the team the victory. Despite the heavy blows from each side, SKT was the stronger force and it went on to control the latter part of the match until - finally - it claimed its third game and its third World Championship trophy.