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League of Legends
League of Legends

Who's Playing In League Of Legends Worlds Finals?

That's it, League Of Legends' group stage for the World Championship 2016 is now over, and we can now know who will be playing in the quarterfinals next week. In Group A it was Korean team ROX Tigers who topped the table, with wildcard Albus NoX Luna coming in second - both teams carrying on through into the knockout finals. ROX Tigers managed a confident victory with 5 victories and only two losses, while Albus NoX Luna managed to closely place second over both Counter Logic Gaming and G2 eSports with 4-3. Group B ended largely as expected, with top teams SK Telecom T1 and Cloud9 beating back I May and Flash Wolves. Despite the promise of INTZ Gaming's previous run into the finals, however, it failed to place high in Group C, only winning a single game. It was H2K Gaming - obviously - and Edward Gaming that won the group, though, with ahq e-Sports Club coming in third. Finally there is Group D, which had its own little drama. With Samsung Galaxy confidently taking the top position at 5-1, the battle was between Royal Never Give Up and Team SoloMid - since Splyce failed to gain much ground in the tournament - for second place and the last spot in the finals. With Team SoloMid looking to be North America's only hope at success in League Of Legends' Worlds tournament this year, when TSM and RNG achieved a 3-3 draw many were hoping it would be the American side that made it into the finals. The tiebreaker game that was played was immediately a close game, though a three-kill starter for RNG put TSM on the backfoot. This ultimately proved too much for Team SoloMid who, despite a controlled defence, couldn't recover from the disadvantage - even with Bjergsen managing to get quite a bit of gold to his name. RNG won tiebreaker, placing it in second in Group D and putting it - alongside Samsung Galaxy - into the quarterfinals. The quarterfinals take place this Friday 13 October, with the following match-ups:
  • Samsung Galaxy versus Cloud9
  • SK Telecom T1 versus Royal Never Give Up
  • ROX Tigers versus Edward Gaming
  • H2K Gaming versus Albus NoX Luna