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League of Legends
League of Legends

Why Kai’sa should be every AD Carry’s go-to champion

Kai’sa is one of the most popular AD Carries out there right now, largely thanks to her utility and carry potential she brings to the table. No matter the team composition, Kai’sa seems to always have one job: carry from the backline, and if the player using her knows what to do, Kai’sa can be the one threat that will propel her team to a victory, no matter the circumstances. She should be a top three pick for every ADC in today’s meta. Why? Quite simply, she fits all the criteria needed for the perfect ADC. She has utility, damage, diversity, and mobility—the four main pieces of every ADC and that makes her a dangerous fit.

Her utility

An ADC’s main role in League of Legends is to have damage and a lot of it. They’re supposed to deal out as much damage as they can from the backline without getting caught by the enemy. However, without utility, the damage is virtually useless. That’s why other marksmen like Xayah and Caitlyn have Bladecaller and Yordle Snap Trap. These abilities provide something new to the team and make it so that the AD Carries aren’t just providing damage. They’re providing more than that. Kaisa-300x169.jpg Kai’sa’s utility comes from her Void Seeker and Supercharge. Thanks to her Void Seeker, she can scout out the map without having to risk her own life and if the Void Seeker manages to hit a target, then she can deal a ton of damage. Furthermore, an upgraded Supercharge can give her invisibility and bonus movement speed, making her a harder target to hit. These two abilities give her team more flexibility to work around other parts of the map such as using Kai’sa’s Void Seeker to scout out a Baron Nashor or using Kai’sa’s Supercharge to initiate a team fight. She has it all.

Her damage

The thing that separates Kai’sa from all the other marksman is her ability to do mixed damage. The problem with AD Carries nowadays can be countered by building armor. Most marksman deal mainly physical damage so all a person has to do is build armor and that marksman’s threat is neutralized. With Kai’sa, that isn’t the case. Kai’sa’s passive allows her to deal extra on-hit damage in the form of magic damage. This also scales with ability power. Her passive also has a proccing ability where, on the fifth auto-attack, she ruptures the champion dealing a percentage of their missing health in magic damage. It’s impossible to fully counter Kai’sa with items since she damages with both physical and magic damage. This separates her from most AD Carries and makes her a threatening champion to face off against since the longer she fights the more damage she gets.

Her mobility

Kai’sa’s mobility is insanely high and is probably only second to Vayne. In the late game, her duelling potential is off the charts and she can fight nearly anyone one-on-one. This is due to the fact that her Supercharge and her ultimate, Killer Instinct, make her extremely dangerous to face off against. Kaisa-2-300x177.jpg Her Supercharge, as I’ve mentioned before, can make her invisible once upgraded to its maximum potential. Combine this with the fact that she gets bonus movement speed and auto-attacking reduces Supercharge’s cooldown and you have a champion that can be invisible every five seconds in a fight. Then there’s her ultimate, Killer Instinct. Kai’sa’s Killer Instinct is an insanely strong ability since she can dash to an enemy champion that has Plasma stacks attached to them (plasma stacks can be obtained by Kai’sa damaging an enemy champion or an enemy champion being crowd-controlled by an ally champion). This dash isn’t short-ranged either. She can dash nearly a quarter of the way across the map, meaning it’s a great way to gap-close a low-health enemy or get out of a sticky situation. No champion has a dash like hers and that makes her all the more threatening. She can go invisible several times throughout a fight and use her dash to either finish off some low-health champions or use it to stay in the fight a little longer. With mobility like this, there’s no wonder as to why Kai’sa is usually the last person standing in most team fights. There are dozens of marksman one can choose from when it comes to playing the ADC role. Each brings its own beneficiaries to the table but also some setbacks along the way. Kai'sa has the damage, mobility, and utility to make an extremely strong champion once learned properly and should be a top three choice for every ADC.