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Marvel Snap Featured & Hot Locations, Explained

Here is everything you need to know about Featured and Hot Locations in Marvel Snap!
Marvel Snap Featured & Hot Locations, Explained

Marvel Snap is a great card game with many exciting features. Locations are an integral component of Marvel Snap and are what makes the game so unique. Locations ensure that almost every game of Marvel Snap will be different. Although players may use the same deck each match, players will have to adjust their strategy based on the combination and placement of the locations. While the Locations are randomized in each game, occasionally, certain Locations will have an increased chance of appearing. These are referred to as Featured and Hot Locations. 

Knowing what, when, and how often Featured or Hot Locations appear will be the difference between winning or losing during the period they appear. So, to help you better understand how Featured and Hot Locations work in Marvel Snap, we've created this short guide to explain their functionality. 

Marvel Snap
There are three random Locations in each game of Marvel Snap. (Picture: Nuverse)

What Are Featured Locations In Marvel Snap?

Featured Locations in Marvel Snap usually show up when a new Location is released. Marvel Snap often releases new Locations to keep things fresh and will make them Featured Locations. Featured Locations show up in 40% of games and will last for 48 hours. During this time, players will be able to better acclimate themselves to the new Location before it is added to the general Location pool with every other Location

After a new Location's time as a Featured Location expires, it will start appearing randomly in regular games. Featured Locations appear at 7 PM PT every Tuesday. 

What Are Hot Locations In Marvel Snap?

Hot Locations in Marvel Snap are selected Locations that will start appearing at higher rates in games. Hot Locations can be new Locations or pre-existing Locations that the developers want to highlight at any given time. The idea behind Hot Locations is to encourage players to build new decks or dust off lesser-used decks, which may gain higher win rates thanks to the regular appearance of the Hot Location. 

Hot Locations will show up in 60% of games but will only last for 24 Hours. Many players will often tailor their deck to the Hot Location during this time period, as knowing what Location will appear will often be enough to give you an advantage in any game (especially if your deck benefits from the said Location). Hot Locations appear at 7 PM PT every Saturday. 

And that's everything you need to know about Hot and Featured Locations in Marvel Snap!

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