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Marvel Snap Pool 5 Cards List (2024): Series 5 Guide

Series 5 cards are some of the rarest and most powerful cards in the entire game. Let's check them out!
Marvel Snap Pool 5 Cards List (2024): Series 5 Guide

Are you ready to take your Marvel Snap collection to the next level? With over 200 cards to collect, separated into different pools to balance the playing field for newer players, there's always room for growth.

Marvel Snap Pool 5 Cards Explained

There is a 0.25% chance of obtaining a Series 5 card from a Collector's Cache in Marvel Snap. Alternatively, you can purchase Series 5 cards for 6000 Collector's Tokens. To put this in perspective for newcomers, the Sunspot Christmas bundle costs 6000 gold in the shop (about $70) and comes with 2000 Collector's Tokens.  This means each Series 5 card in Marvel Snap is worth about $200!

If you don't have the cash, don't worry though. because the developers have stated that, in the future, certain cards will be moved from Series 5 to Series 4 and from Series 4 to Series 3. This is called the 'Series Drop' and whilst this used to happen on a fairly frequent monthly basis, it was used less frequently in the second half of 2023. Also, remember that Season Pass cards will be added to Series 5 after a given season ends.

Marvel Snap Pool 5 Card List

At the time of writing, there are 52 Marvel Snap cards in Pool 5, with a few more coming soon. Here's the full list:

  1. Ajax
  2. Alioth
  3. Annihilus
  4. Arishem
  5. Baron Zemo
  6. Beta Ray Bill
  7. Black Knight
  8. Black Swan
  9. Blink
  10. Blob
  11. Caiera
  12. Cannonball
  13. Copycat
  14. Corvus Glaive
  15. Cull Obsidian
  16. Elsa Bloodstone
  17. Galactus
  18. Gilgamesh
  19. Grand Master
  20. High Evolutionary
  21. Hope Summers
  22. Hydra Bob
  23. Iron Lad
  24. Jeff The Baby Land Shark
  25. Kang the Conqueror
  26. Loki
  27. Makkari
  28. Mockingbird
  29. Ms.Marvel
  30. Nocturne
  31. Nico Minoru
  32. Namora
  33. Phastos
  34. Pixie
  35. Proxima Midnight
  36. Red Guardian
  37. Red Hulk
  38. Sage
  39. Sasquatch
  40. Sebastian Shaw
  41. Selene
  42. Sersi
  43. Silk
  44. Supergiant
  45. Thanos
  46. Thena
  47. U.S. Agent
  48. Valentina Allegra de Fontaine
  49. War Machine
  50. Werewolf By Night
  51. White Widow
  52. X-23

Unreleased Series 5 Cards Coming Soon

The following cards are set to be released in the near future:

  • August 13th - Cassandra Nova

“Big Bad” Series 5 Cards

The following cards listed below are classified as “Big Bad” cards, which are normally reserved for some of Marvel's 'Biggest' villains. As such, Second Dinner has confirmed that these cards will never leave Pool 5.

  1. Galactus
  2. High Evolutionary
  3. Kang the Conqueror
  4. Thanos

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