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Marvel Snap Decks (February 2024): The Best Move Decks

Move decks are one of the most fun yet challenging archetypes to play and master, but these decks should carry them to victory in Marvel Snap.
Marvel Snap Decks (February 2024): The Best Move Decks
(Picture: Second Dinner / GINX)

Deck archetypes are unique deck types where the cards assembled have unique abilities that work symbiotically and cater to a specific playstyle. Some of the standard deck archetypes, like Destroy, On Reveal, Ongoing, and Discard, are commonly known within the community; however, it's known that Move decks have been the most tricky to play and master.

Move decks have the appeal of unpredictability as opponents are unable to guess their next movements, so it does require much thinking and planning of their next move. Move away from opponents' prying eyes, as we've highlighted some of the best-performing Move decks as of February 2024 for Marvel Snap.

What Is The Meta Game In Marvel Snap?

Before delving into the best Destroy meta decks, we need to understand what the meta is and how decks are considered "meta" in Marvel Snap. The term "meta" can often be misused within the community, but players still in Pool 1 or 2 shouldn't worry too much about the meta until they begin entering Pool 3 and higher.

The meta game changes almost frequently due to the patch and OTA updates that occur per season, as these updates either buff or nerf cards. Some certain decks and strategies have consistently remained in the meta game due to the effectiveness of cards and strategies employed and have balanced strengths and weaknesses to ensure victory for players.

Players are advised to understand the current meta well, which will help with deck building and invite unique ideas to produce new decks and potential archetypes for victories. As for Move, following the recent few patches, especially with buffs to Dagger and Kingpin, Move decks have greatly benefitted as it allowed players to move cards much easier and cheaper but can synergize with other notable deck archetypes like Destroy and Bounce and making Move decks more powerful to play.

Marvel Snap Best Move Decks (February 2024): Standard Move Deck

marvel snap best decks guide february 2024 best move decks standard move
An ideal Move deck allows room for players to try unique card and deck archetypes for the ultimate winning deck. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

As mentioned, the last few patch updates and OTAs have benefitted key cards for the Destroy, Discard, and Zoo decks, but so has for Move. While Hercules' introduction has yet to find its footing, Dagger, Ghost-Spider, and Kingpin have again found priority in Move decks, making Move viable and less complicated.

Naturally, players do need to understand the mechanics of Move decks or Move cards, as an updated variation of a Standard Move deck allows players to use cards that meet their play style. This Standard Move deck from Marvel Snap content creator DenHearthstone is by far one of most viable yet effective Move decks, which utilizes the Destroy archetype, adding Negasonic Teenage Warhead into the mix, but players have the option of swapping them for Spider-Man 2099 to fulfill that role.

Kraven and Kingpin will be the cards to play for location priority as Kraven gains +2 Power for any card moved to its location, while Kingpin does the opposite of afflicting enemy cards with -2 Power when moved to its location. Players will be relying on Slik, Polaris, Spider-Man, Aero, and Magneto to disrupt their opponent's plans by either moving cards to Kraven or, ideally, Kingpin, which significantly impacts those locations when played.

Lastly, Nightcrawler and Jeff, the Baby Land Shark, will ensure players secure the lane priority until the closing moments before playing Magento. While this deck doesn't have enough On Reveal cards to make Werewolf By Night activate its ability to make it a credible threat, players can add Hercules into the mix to buff Kraven's power, but it can be slightly tricky to accomplish.

Marvel Snap Best Move Decks (February 2024): Cerebro 5

marvel snap best decks guide february 2024 best move decks cerebro 5
Cerebro decks have always been consistently featured in the meta with unique card combinations, including the destructive Alioth.

Within the sub-archetypes popular within the Marvel Snap community, Cerebro has remained consistently competitive and is gaining popularity within the meta. Also slightly impacted by the patch updates and OTAs, it became a pivotal player in one of the most destructive cards released in-game: Alioth.

This new version of the Cerebro deck from Bohe makes a few tweaks to other notable Cerebro decks, swapping out Enchantress to include Mobius M. Mobius (MMM) to safeguard low-cost (energy cards) from potential counters like Iceman and Baron Mondo. Before it was buffed, Luke Cage lost its priority in Cerebro decks, but now it's the best card to accompany MMM, prevent Lizard's ability when triggered, and keep Cerebro alive.

Luke Cage and MMM also prevent players from losing power at any location due to location-changing cards like Scarlet Witch, Storm, Nico Minoru, or the Power Infinity Stone card. With those cards protecting players from power loss, their next priority is to disrupt plays with Polaris, Spider-Man, and Wave, which the latter prevent multiple cards from being played in a single turn to make playing Doctor Doom viable around Turn 4 or 5.

This gives them the advantage of playing Alioth on Turn 6 or 7 if Magik was played and sets them up with a definitive victory. Finally, with the benefit of disrupting plays with Polaris and Spider-Man moving cards to other locations, Silk will ensure that Miles Morales is guaranteed to be played most rounds as it will help reduce its cost to one.

Marvel Snap Best Move Decks (February 2024): Bounce Junk

marvel snap best decks guide february 2024 best move decks
Play around with the Junk archetype and On Reveal cards and watch Werewolf By Night tear through the competition. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

Much like Cerebro 5, Bounce has found its way back into the Move archetype mainly due to the release of Werewolf By Night (WWBN) and possibly Hercules. Nevertheless, in this deck from Marvel Snap content creator DenHearthstone, WWBN has found itself prevalent in the Move deck, specifically, the Bounce Move archetype, where it gains power each time an On Reveal card is played at its location.

Shang-Chi and Enchantress will be their tech cards to utilize to negate any enemy archetypes, like Destroy and Ongoing, while Zabu will reduce their costs of four-cost cards by one, like Enchantress, Sentry, Shang-Chi, and WWBN, making them playable fairly early. Beast will also reduce the costs of cards played at a specific lane, which is vital to protect their one-cost cards like Forge, Iceman, Nico Minoru, and The Hood from Killmonger and Cosmo, but likewise, Falcon can be played for a similar effect.

Annihilus will be the main disruptive card, especially with The Hood and the Void on board, which switch cards with 0 power and less to their opponent's board. This will also ensure lane priority; however, be careful with counters like Shang-Chi, who can wipe out Sentry off the board due to its 10 Power Shang-Chi will target.

Marvel Snap Best Move Decks (February 2024): Phoenix On The Move To Destroy/Move, Phoenix & Destroy

marvel snap best decks guide february 2024 best move decks phoenix destroy move
With the right cards in the hand, this Phoenix Move/Destroy deck can go places. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

We've previously highlighted this deck in our guide on the Best Destroy decks and due to this deck incorporating two deck archetypes quite well, it's befitting we give it another spotlight on this Move guide. As we've previously detailed, this Phoenix Move deck combines the Move and Destroy deck archetypes, which players can incorporate other Move and Destroy cards like Iron Fist, Kraven, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and Spider-Man 2099, in which the latter destroys a random card at a location after it's moved the first time.

Strategy-wise, playing Forge, Human Torch, and Ghost Spider or Forge, Nico Minoru with the move spell, and then destroying Human Torch with Carnage or Deathklok would be their opening cards to play. This sets up Shuri, which can be followed up with Phoenix Force to resurrect Human Torch, which revives a destroyed card (i.e., Human Torch), which can move the next turn and gain power.

Players can finish off playing Arnim Zola if they've played Venom already to destroy it and copy it at the other locations. As mentioned before, the deck is extremely tricky to pull off, but with the right strategies, it can work or risk losing cubes.

Marvel Snap Best Move Decks (February 2024): Black Swan Bounce (Swan Miracles)

marvel snap best decks guide february 2024 best move decks black swan bounce
With the inclusion of Blak Swan to reduce one-cost cards, this deck has the potential move up the meta if played well. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

To end this guide, we've added a deck with a recently released card for The Black Order season, Black Swan, for players to try their hand at and, if needed, swap out cards to better fit their playstyle. This deck comes from Marvel Snap content creator SafetyBlade, which, like the Phoenix Move/Destroy deck, also sees multiple deck archetypes present: Move and Discard.

Black Swan has a similar ability to Caiera, which could be an alternative card; however, it reduces one-cost cards to 0 until the end of the following turn. This card counters MMM but allows players to get multiple one-cost cards on the board once Black Swan is played, boosting Bishop's energy-gaining ability.

This also reserves energy to play higher-cost cards like Dracula and Strong Guy which the latter gains +6 energy if their hand is empty, but keep an eye out for Martyr, who moves to a location that may lose them the game, and Titania switches sides each time a card is played at its location. These situations can be prevented by playing Zero beforehand, but players must ensure that The Infinault is the last card in the hand for Dracula to trigger its ability.

The latest season of Marvel Snap, The Black Order, is now available with new cards, variants, locations, and a refreshed Season Pass. The Galactic Carnival event runs from 7th February to 17th February 2024 for mobile devices and PC via Steam.

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