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Best Marvel Snap Decks (December 2023): How To Hit Infinite Rank

Here's the best decks to help you reach Infinite rank in Marvel Snap!
Best Marvel Snap Decks (December 2023): How To Hit Infinite Rank

Marvel Snap is easily one of the most addictive card battlers in recent memory. Being crowned mobile game of the year at The Game Awards demonstrates this title's uniqueness. From the simple-to-pick-up but difficult-to-master gameplay to the beautifully crafted artwork on all of the cards, Marvel Snap is a title that will occupy the top of the TCG and mobile gaming charts for a while.

So, if you want to climb the ladder in Marvel Snap and attain Infinite rank, you will need to use one of the best decks in the game right now. This article will cover some of the most meta-defining,  top-tier, and impactful decks to help you reach Infinite rank in Marvel Snap.

Best Decks in Marvel Snap

There are a ton of great decks to play in Marvel Snap. Unfortunately, a lot of the best decks require end-game cards. Cards in Marvel Snap are divided into several pools, with Pool 5 being the highest. It is impossible to start collecting cards from a higher pool until you have finished collecting them in your current pool. And, as you can predict, the best cards in Marvel Snap are in the final pools.

There are still many great beginner decks for new players to try out, but this list will focus on the best of the best.

Sera & Hit-Monkey Deck 

Sera and Hit-Monkey are a match made in heaven right now. The classic Sera Control deck works incredibly well with Hit-Monkey, and thanks to the recent buff to Enchantress, this deck has never been stronger! Players will want to save most of their cards for an explosive final turn which will catch unsuspecting opponents off-guard. Even after the nerfs to Hit-Monkey (and Kitty Pryde if you have her), this deck is still a meta mainstay. 

Sera & Hit-Monkey Deck List:

Control Deck 

After the release of Nebula, one of the most popular decks is a Nebula control deck that involves locking off certain locations and restricting your opponent's ability to play cards. This deck seems to be quite a popular contender for a powerful deck in this season's metagame.

Control Deck List:

Stature & Black Bolt Deck

Who would have thought we would ever exist in a meta where Stature and Black Bolt are the most dominant cards in the format? This deck came out of seemingly nowhere but has been running rampant on the ladder recently. The deck runs a lot of the typical Darkhawk cards, such as Korg and Rockslide, but overall just has tons of answers to other popular decks while also having a lot of power to dump as well. While not as powerful as it once was, this is still a solid and reliable option. 

Stature & Black Bolt Deck List:

Kitty Pryde Bounce Deck

Even after the nerfs, bounce is still an amazing archetype that can take power off the board and preserve it for a huge burst on the final turn. 

Kitty Pryde Bounce Deck List:

High Evolutionary Deck

Never before has a card shaken up the meta so quickly. High Evolutionary is an incredibly powerful archetype that is here to stay even after the nerfs. 

Loki Collector Deck

The Collector seems like an obvious fit for a Loki deck, as it will benefit from adding a ton of new cards to your hand all at once. When used in conjunction with other Collector-style cards like Quinjet (which will reduce the cost of the cards copied by Loki by an additional one energy), things will spiral out of control very quickly for your opponent. 

The Collector List:

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