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Marvel Snap: Can You Play Against Friends?

Marvel Snap is incredibly popular and one of the most refreshing TCGs in a long time. But can you play against your friends?
Marvel Snap: Can You Play Against Friends?

Ben Brode, you've done it again! Marvel Snap is an incredibly enjoyable and addictive TCG that players can't seem to get enough of. From the unique mechanics to the charming design, there isn't much not to love about Marvel Snap. 

So, the question on everyone's lips at the moment is, "can you play against friends in Marvel Snap?" It seems like an online multiplayer mode, and a friends list would be a staple of such a community-driven and portable game. Let's take a look at whether it is possible to battle against friends in Marvel Snap. 

Can You Play Against Friends In Marvel Snap?

Marvel Snap
Multiplayer against friends has been officially confirmed to be coming to Marvel Snap sometime in the near future! (Picture: Nuverse / Marvel)

Yes, you can now play against friends in Marvel Snap! The friendly mode went live on 31 January 2023, and players can use a generated code to play against other people. 

This feature does not come with any kind of friend list and will involve players sharing codes in order to connect with each other. Rather than wagering cubes, each player will have a health bar. Snapping will increase the number of hit points deducted from your opponent if they lose. Matches are said to consist of three games or until someone's life total hits zero. 

It should be added that during these three games, players cannot switch their decks around. This adds an entirely new level of strategy in mind games, as from the second game onwards, you will know your opponent's strategy and what cards to look out for. 

How To Play Against Friends In Marvel Snap? 

Marvel Snap
Tons of new and exciting content is on the way to Marvel Snap! (Picture: Nuverse / Marvel)

All you have to do to play against friends in Marvel Snap is tap the joycon icon at the bottom of the main menu. From here, you can either set up a room or join an existing room using a generated code. It is possible to play with people from across the world via this method, and you are not limited to players only in your current region. 

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Featured image courtesy of Nuverse / Marvel.