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Best Kang Decks In Marvel Snap

Here are the best Kang decks in Marvel Snap you can use to reach Infinite!
Best Kang Decks In Marvel Snap

Kang is a scouting tool in Marvel Snap, designed to give you insight into your opponent's game plan and current hand. Much like Daredevil, who allows you to see your opponent's turn-five play before you make your own, Kang's benefit is purely from a mind game perspective. After all, during the redo after you play Kang, your opponent is free to mix up their play as much as they want. However, you have now gained an idea of the kind of play they initially wanted to make and can plan your strategy accordingly. 

Kang is a great option for when you are in two minds about what play would be better. Daredevil and Professor X have great synergy because playing a card like Professor X at the wrong time or in the wrong Location can instantly lose you the game. For this reason, cards that work best with Kang will be those with huge swing potential when played at the right time. Additionally, cards that can take advantage of Kang's zero Power may also be beneficial. 

Kang + Mister Negative Deck

Whenever a card with zero power is released, players will always try to slot them into a Mister Negative deck. Mister Negative is a great supporting card for Kang, and allows players to play Kang for zero energy. While this doesn't make the card better on its own, considering that the turn will be replayed anyway, a combination of Kang and Zero turns the card into a 0-cost 5-power play to be used in conjunction with cards like Iron Man. 

Kang + Mister Negative Deck List:

Kang Control Deck

The aim of the game with Kang is to control your opponent's movements by scoping out the kind of plays they want to make. This makes Kang feel right at home in a standard control type of deck. Control decks are more reactive than proactive and seek to shut down an opponent's game plan rather than necessarily building towards their own win condition. 

Kang Control Deck List:

Kang + Zabu Deck

Although Zabu will be nerfed in the near future, as long as the card is not gutted, it will still be a great option for shutting down multiple lanes with the annoying Spider-Man and Absorbing Man combo. This deck seeks to control lanes in the early game before shutting things down for the opponent on turns five and six. Spider-Man and Absorbing Man force your opponent into a single lane, where cards like Gamora and Shang-Chi can capitalize on them. And, thanks to Kang, you will know whether to drop a Shang-Chi, Gamora, or Enchantress. 

Kang + Zabu Deck List:

And these are the best Kang decks in Marvel Snap!

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