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Marvel Snap Patch Notes (May 2024): All Updates, Buffs, Nerfs Listed

Here are the latest patch notes and game update changes for Marvel Snap!
Marvel Snap Patch Notes (May 2024): All Updates, Buffs, Nerfs Listed
(Picture: Second Dinner)

Marvel Snap is an incredibly balanced game with a ton of variety when it comes to competitive decks. While certain cards and decklists will inevitably rise to the top, there is enough variety to keep Discard, Destroy, On Reveal, and even Move enthusiasts satisfied.

Developer Second Dinner consistently releases patch and OTA updates to ensure gameplay stability, provide much-needed adjustments to cards and locations, address player concerns, and address identified bugs. We've compiled this guide to detail the latest patch and Over-The-Air (OTA) updates and explain their release schedule for Marvel Snap.

24th May 2024 Update: This guide reflects the latest OTA update for Marvel Snap, which was released on 23rd May 2024 for mobile devices and PCs via Steam. The original reporting continues below.

Marvel Snap Monthly Update Explained

In addition to adding new features, the developers at Second Dinner are never afraid to make some major changes (buffs and nerfs) to keep the overall meta balanced - that's normally where the monthly patch comes in. Unless something is truly broken - in which case it will be fixed in a Marvel Snap weekly OTA update - the developers at Second Dinner will release monthly major patches to the game at the start of the month, alongside the beginning of a new season.

The developer adjusted its update schedule, releasing major updates with the new season once a month and OTAs at least twice a month. This helps the developer address gameplay stability and make necessary card adjustments in the OTAs while releasing major content with the patches.

When Is The Next Marvel Snap Balance Patch?

The latest Marvel Snap update was released on 23rd May 2024 and introduced some new adjustments, which the developer noted as "slightly heavier on nerfs and sideways changes than usual." This update hopes to "reshape" the metagame which they stated "is fairly healthy on our internal metrics, it's not as healthy as some have been."

Some notable buffs impacted cards like Captain America and the Grand Master, while Luke Cage and Leech—the latter was previously buffed—are now being nerfed in the wake of their recent rise within the meta and Namora's release. It's unclear when the next update will be dated, but the developer noted that "future patches continue to land as scheduled."

Latest Marvel Snap Patch Notes (May 2024):

Below, players will find the most recent patch notes for the game as of 24th May 2024. Naturally, these are the current OTA patch notes released by the developer, which are released weekly on Thursdays, but we've included the recent patch update notes.

Likewise, we've included these two recently released patch notes on this page because we simply can't handle a page with over 9000 words. So, if you're desperate to read the old patch notes from previous months, we suggest heading over to Marvel Snap's Newslist and filtering by "Game Updates."

24th May 2024 Update: Marvel Snap OTA Patch Notes
  • Baron Mordo:
    • [Old] 2/3 - On Reveal: Your opponent draws a card. Set its Cost to 6.
    • [New] 2/3 - On Reveal: The top card of your opponent's deck costs 6 until turn 6.

Baron Mordo has long been one of the weakest cards in Marvel Snap, often functioning as a worse Yondu for players in that the drawback could mean your opponent just gets a free card. This tweak to the original design maintains the disruptive intent but makes sure the effect is more strictly negative for your opponent.

  • Captain America:
    • [Old] 3/3 - Ongoing: Your other cards here have +1 Power.
    • [New] 3/2 - Ongoing: Your other Ongoing cards here have +2 Power.

As you may have seen in various social media discussions, we've been reluctant to buff Captain America. The reasons for that aren't necessarily obvious, but they include keeping the early game simple and maintaining existing tutorials. However, this change we eventually arrived at shouldn't threaten either of those.  While Spectrum is a strong deck on the competitive side, the Spectrum deck performs worse for newer players with smaller collections. This should be a tidy buff to that archetype for early Series play.

  • Grand Master:
    • [Old] 2/0 - On Reveal: Move one of your other On Reveal cards here to the middle location. Its ability happens again.
    • [Change] 2/0 -> 2/2

This is a significant but fairly straightforward change to a card beloved by many players that's failed to find a role in the metagame. While we often aim cards high on release, Grand Master was a unique case where we felt our testing was unlikely to identify the best possible thing to do with the card–it's just got so many potential applications. It turns out that we were too conservative, so we're trying out a sizable buff.

  • Leader:
    • [Old] 6/2 - On Reveal: Copy the enemy card(s) with the highest Power played this turn, but on your side.
    • [Change] 6/2 -> 6/3

Probably not a lot of Leaders on the balance bingo cards at home, but this card has been languishing of late. We were hopeful that Leader's stocks would rise with the release of Red Hulk, as that made Leader a clean answer to one of the best 6-Cost cards in the game, but that's not what wound up happening. This buff isn't likely to move the needle in a big way, and we wouldn't want to–Leader's not a card players enjoy seeing too often. Even so, there's enough room to improve that we feel confident a point of Power will be a small, but helpful, bump.

  • Leech:
    • [Old] 4/2 - On Reveal: Remove the text from cards with On Reveal abilities in your opponent's hand.
    • [Change] 4/2 -> 5/5

Speaking of unexpected outcomes, we've decided to take Leech back to 5-Cost. Our primary Leech target with the initial move to 4-Cost was Annihilus, though we did see value in strengthening one of the few answers to a handful of other powerful endgame threats. However, Annihilus wasn't substantially affected by the increased presence of Leech, and the win rate for Leech itself grew higher than we'd hope to see against other strategies, narrowing the range of competitive viability with the game. Of course, we've also heard the public discontent around leaning this hard on Leech as a valve within the metagame, and we've determined we don't want this card bearing that kind of weight. That said, 5/3 was just not really playable, so we're giving back some more Power in an effort to keep Leech meaningful.

  • Luke Cage:
    • [Old] 3/4 - Ongoing: Your cards can't have their Power reduced.
    • [Change] 3/4 -> 3/3

One of the best cards in the top Spectrum decks, Luke Cage does extra work by also hampering afflict decks a bit, making it harder for them to contend for the metagame crown. A slightly weaker Luke Cage is good for these decks and also paves the way to slot Luke into successful Cerebro shells once more.

  • Sentry:
    • [Old] 4/10 - You can't play this at the right location. On Reveal: Add a -8 Power Void to the right location.
    • [Change] 4/10 -> 4/8
  • The Void:
    • Change: 4/-10 -> 4/-8

We have determined it's necessary to weaken the Annihilus shell in the interest of metagame health, and this adjustment is in pursuit of that goal. We'd hoped to avoid it entirely–Sentry at 10 Power is a more interesting card, especially with stuff like Skarr. To that end, we've explored potential revisions to Annihilus instead but weren't able to find a change we could stand on confidently in time for this OTA. We may revisit Sentry later if that work proves more fruitful, but for now, we're just reducing some of the bite that combo packs by reverting Sentry to its original stats.

  • Spectrum:
    • [Old] 6/7 - On Reveal: Give your Ongoing cards +2 Power.
    • [Change] 6/7 -> 6/6

Of course, the Cap change is a pretty decent buff to existing strong Spectrum decks too. We want these decks to hold a spot in the metagame, so we've given it a lot of rope while waiting to see if cards like Enchantress would be enough to fight back. However, the deck has remained a top performer and approached levels that would require a rebalance–that made the Cap buff above more dangerous, so this is a small compensatory nerf to keep things in balance.

  • Werewolf By Night:
    • [Old] 4/4 - After you play a card, move there to gain +2 Power if it has an On Reveal.
    • [Change] 4/4 -> 3/1

Werewolf By Night is a card we've been reticent to let live at 3-Cost, as the sheer amount of leaping can get out of hand fast. That said, in the months since its original release we've also seen a lot of strong and successful experimentation among 3-Costs, and Werewolf seems a lot more fair in today's world than it did upon release. Plus, being able to start with a small amount of Power is more evocative of the werewolf canon we want the card to communicate (starting weak, becoming a monster).

25th April 2024 Update: Marvel Snap OTA Patch Notes
  • Jane Foster Mighty Thor:
    • [Old] 5/8 - On Reveal: Draw all cards that Cost 0 from your deck.
    • [Change] 5/8 -> 5/9

It's no secret that we think the Asgard-themed deck built around finding and slamming various hammers is a lot of fun, and players seem to agree. It's an archetype that flirts with competitive play fairly often–as this is being written, Beta Ray Bill is on the rise – but struggles to maintain such performance. In fact, we're chalking part of that up to the new Sandman punishing Turn 5 Jane Foster especially well. Adding a bit of Power for those games where you have to prove your Worth the hard way makes sense.

  • Jean Grey:
    • [Old] 3/3 - Ongoing: Players must play their first card here each turn. (if possible)
    • [Change] 3/3 -> 3/4

No, this isn't just because we're all loving X-Men '97 – although that's definitely true! Jean Grey has stood on the edge of a balancing knife for some time now, with an effect that can be frustratingly strong. However, with the metagame seeing a major uptick in big combos like Annihilus and Hela, along with Angela-based decks easily evading the effect's downsides, now seems like a good time to explore pushing a bit more Power into one of the strongest X-Men. Jean's Ongoing can uniquely hurt specific opponents alongside tech cards like Cosmo and Echo, offering players who enjoy a more controlling strategy a new way to play.

  • Mantis:
    • [Old] 2/2 - On Reveal: If your opponent played any cards here this turn, copy one of them into your hand.
    • [Change] 2/2 -> 1/2

Admittedly, we were quite conservative on the previous functional change to Mantis, going with 2/2 out of concern that the card would become annoying against enemy Venoms and the like. Since those fears proved unfounded, we're restoring Mantis to 1/2.

  • Red Hulk:
    • [Old] 6/11 - When your opponent ends a turn with unspent Energy, +4 Power. (if in hand or in play)
    • [Change] 6/11 -> 6/9

Red Hulk has been the best 6-Cost in the game since release, and even created upticks in a handful of other options that effectively countered one big play, like Leader and Spectrum. Elements of the strength and its counters were intentional, given the mechanic revealing Red Hulk to your opponent was a novel bit of mechanical space we rarely explore. We expected that to mean Red Hulk's cube gain rate would be much lower when compared to similarly winning cards due to it being very difficult to get the final double, so part of the card's baseline strength was compensation for that downside.

However, Red Hulk's cube gain rate has also been quite strong, leading to today's nerf to level the playing field. In fact, some of us have wondered how many 8-cube games Red Hulk was stealing by "tricking" opponents into countering the big guy, only to lose to a combination of smaller cards!

  • Stature:
    • [Old] 5/6 - Costs 1 if your opponent discarded a card this game.
    • [Change] 5/6 -> 5/7

Similarly, Stature has proven that one more Power is within reach. This has been an unusual card to monitor, as every now and then, we'll see Stature temporarily vault into our Top 10 cards on internal metrics but never make a prolonged stay. After seeing the cycle often enough, we've chalked it up to the cyclical presence of Mobius M. Mobius in various decks. With Pixie decks that always play Mobius performing well lately, it's fair game to give Stature a small buff in compensation for that vulnerability.

  • U.S. Agent (text update):
    • [Old] 2/3 - Ongoing: 4, 5, and 6-Cost cards here have -3 Power.
    • [New]Ongoing: 4, 5, and 6-Cost cards here have -4 Power.

On the flip side, U.S. Agent was released a bit weak. The change to Zabu reducing the number of 4-Cost cards in play, combined with the resurgence of Angela-based swarm decks, probably reduced the potential impact of U.S. Agent. However, the data doesn't indicate that this card is too far off the mark, so we're just improving the effect a little.

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