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Marvel Snap December Season Pass Leaks, Release Time, New Cards

Marvel Snap is getting some new cards in December and we have the details about it here.
Marvel Snap December Season Pass Leaks, Release Time, New Cards
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There are a lot of different card games available to players right now but Marvel Snap seems to be extremely popular compared to a majority of them. The game is pretty simple to start but it actually has an insane amount of depth to it. When it comes to deckbuilding, there are a lot of different strategies players have to learn.

That is why when new cards are announced, the Marvel Snap community gets excited. New cards mean new strategies and new ways to play the game. It is even better when we get leaks of the new cards a lot earlier than we expected. Here, we are going to go over what cards players can get in December for Marvel Snap and how things will change.

December 2023 Season Pass Overview

  • Season Start: December 4
  • Season End: January 1
  • Theme: Hellfire Gala

When Does The December Season Of Marvel Snap Release?

One thing that Marvel Snap has in abundance is a large number of data miners. These data miners are always checking out what is going to happen next in Marvel Snap and they have been a reliable source of information for a long time now. That is why we are confident that the December Season of Marvel Snap will launch on December 4.

Marvel Snap December Update Countdown
25 days, 13:09:12

December Marvel Snap Season Theme

When it comes to Marvel Snap card releases, there is always a theme associated with the cards. The cards that come together are usually thanks to the powers they have or something similar. Nothing is confirmed and there are actually some concerns that some of the cards shown off will not appear at all.

Either way, the theme for Marvel Snap in December is the Hellfire Gala. Sebastian Shaw seems to be a major character for December as there are not only his cards that players can get, but there are also cosmetics featuring Sebastian Shaw as well.

December Marvel Snap Season Price

Marvel Snap December 2023 Update
What new location is coming in the December 2023 update of Marvel Snap? (Picture: Second Dinner Studios)

As expected, the price for the December Marvel Snap Season Pass is the same as the previous months:

  • Premium Cost: $9.99 USD
    • Unlock For Exclusive Content
  • Premium+ Cost: $14.99 USD
    • Unlock For Exclusive Content and Advances Season Pass by 10 Levels

Marvel Snap December 2023 New Locations

With the December 2023 update, there are going to be new locations and they will be the featured locations as well. That means they will show up 50% more times during games at the start of the Season.

  • Castle Blackstone - The player winning here gets +1 Energy each turn
  • White Palace - Copy the highest-cost card in your opponent's hand

New Marvel Snap Cards In December 2023

Now the most exciting part of the update is the new cards coming to Marvel Snap. Below is a table of what cards players can expect in December of 2023:

Card Cost Power Description
Sebastian Shaw 3 3 When this card permanently gains Power, gain +2 more power.
Blob 6 3 On Reveal: Merge your deck into this (and gain its total Power) Ongoing: Can't be moved
Firestar 6 3 On Reveal: Each card you played last turn gains this card's Power
Havok 2 1 After each turn, you lose 1 Max Energy and this gains +3 Power.
1 -1
On Reveal: Afflict the lowest-Power card in each player’s hand with -3 Power.

Marvel Snap December 2023 Card Designs

If you want to see what the new upcoming Marvel Snap cards will look like, we have them right here in the following gallery:

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