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Marvel Snap: Best Stratgies, Tips And Decks To Reach Infinite Rank

Climb the rankings to reach Infinity and beyond as we detail the best strategies, decks, and helpful tips to achieve Infinite rank in Marvel Snap!
Marvel Snap: Best Stratgies, Tips And Decks To Reach Infinite Rank
(Picture: Second Dinner)

Marvel Snap is one of the most addicting and innovative card battlers released as players are working hard to construct the perfect decks to climb the ever-so-prestige-ranked ladder. And why wouldn't they be? Marvel Snap has many incentives for reaching the upper-most ranks, including new titles, bonus currency, and even free variants, so, naturally, all Marvel Snap players aspire to one day achieve the Infinite ranking.

However, this is challenging to achieve as climbing to the highest rank in any competitive game is challenging due to multiple factors that prevent them from progressing. Nevertheless, if they're trying to reach this monumental milestone, we've provided some general guidelines, including the best strategies, decks, and bonus tips to guide them to Infinite rank in Marvel Snap.

Best Strategies To Reach Infinite Rank In Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap's ranking system features 11 unique ranks, namely Agent, Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Vibranium, Omega, Galactic, and Infinite, which players can reach at Level 100. Climbing through the ranks requires players to understand the basics, such as deck-building, cube management, what influential the meta is, when to snap and retreat, and most importantly, the luck of the draw.

Marvel Snap
Players will get a limited title for reaching Infinite rank. (Picture: Second Dinner)

Theoretically, it sounds fairly easy for players to reach this milestone; however, these are also some key areas that have hindered players' progression. Some general guidelines have mostly been accepted as sound advice for players to follow that can help them reach Infinite rank in Marvel Snap:

Play As Many Games Possible

Granted, learning and understanding core game mechanics are vital to play, but what's ultimately more important is grinding toward Infinite rank by playing as many games as possible. There isn't an exact number of games that players should have played to hit Infinite rank as it varies between players, what deck they're currently playing with, and if they know when to snap or retreat.

The general rule of thumb amongst players is around 150 to 800 games before they've reached Infinite rank, but these values can be less if they have a highly competitive deck or more if struggling to climb through the ranks. Some players can reach Infinite within hours of game time, so players need to identify how much time they can allocate to playing matches but, likewise, spend some time building a deck with cards that synergize well enough to exploit locations and the opponent's deck archetype that will make the journey less challenging.

One final mention is to take advantage of the Featured Locations, which are usually available for all players for 24 hours on selected Wednesdays within the season. These locations will appear more frequently in matches, so it is best to familiarise yourself with the Featured Location's ability and utilize a deck that maximizes it to gain an advantage or counter the opponent's deck.

Climb Up To Infinite With A Single Deck (If Possible)

One of the most common mistakes Snappers make when attempting to reach Infinite rank is changing or rotating between decks after losing a match or a few. Many players have acknowledged this common mistake as they only need to utilize one decently built deck to climb to Infinite rank; however, it's possible to know how to play between two to five decks if their deck has difficulty countering their opponents.

The trick is that by using one deck, they'll understand when to snap on turns, when it's best to retreat, and which locations can be worked to their advantage. Additionally, they'll be able to inform themselves on what deck archetypes can best and which they'll likely lose to, but sometimes changing a deck can be mentally beneficial for players who've experienced countless matches lost, which would be an exception.

Since September 2023's season, Loki For All Time, which significantly overhauled the Infinite rank, players have been rewarded once they've capped at Infinite. This included replacing their rank with a leaderboard system, as they're now playing for Snap Points, which incentivized players to keep playing and snapping, but the rules still apply, so have a good deck and snap and retreat if possible.

Know When To Snap And Retreat

marvel snap gameplay mechanics guide how to reach infinite rank best strategies know when to snap and retreat
Understanding when's the best time to snap or retreat may be the deciding factor on how may cubes they may win or lose. (Picture: Second Dinner)

Snapping and retreating are another few mistakes that players make, whether it be during Friendly Battles or in Conquest, due to them wanting to know what deck their opponent possesses or overstaying in a game, they're likely bound to lose. Cube management is one of the most crucial gameplay aspects all players should utilize when trying to reach Inifinite rank, which requires having the right cards in their hand, knowing what deck their opponent may have, and when to snap.

Whether it's losing one to two cubes or its max amount, more than ever, retreating is a better option than losing as that can hinder their progression to reach Infinite rank. Knowing when to retreat is slightly tricky as it depends on the deck they're using, whether it's Thanos Lockjaw, Hela Discard, Deadpool Destroy, or any other type of deck if the key cards or cards haven't found their way into their hand by Turn 5, retreat.

Additionally, having a deck that can take advantage of locations and archetypes allows players to counter opponents better and get snapping or retreat. Therefore, it's important to properly evaluate the match by waiting for all three locations to be revealed and what cards enter their hand if their opponent snaps early, which can inform them to continue or retreat.

Understanding The Meta

To some extent, the meta may have a hand in players not being able to achieve that sweet Infinite status, as not knowing what archetypes and popular decks are currently dominating the meta makes it more challenging to anticipate their opponent's deck. Therefore, informing oneself on what the current meta is lets them immediately identify which deck their opponent is playing, which lets them anticipate the cards they may expect to be played.

marvel snap gameplay mechanics guide how to reach infinite rank best strategies understanding the meta
Having a basic understanding of which decks and archetypes are commonly played among players better informs them on which cards to play, the best counters, and the time to retreat or play. (Picture: Second Dinner / GINX)

Likewise, this significantly helps players make better decisions, like when to snap and when to retreat, as sometimes retreating is better than losing four or more cubes. As for how players can determine what the current meta is for Marvel Snap, multiple dedicated sites like Marvel Snap Zone and Untapped.gg frequently provide information on which decks are gaining popularity and which are declining, and those silent performers that can help players determine which decks and cards to anticipate and of course, knowing what their win conditions would be.

Rushing Through Games

Sometimes, slow and steady will ensure them the victory or, better yet, knowing when to retreat as, more frequently, players go through rounds at speedrunning rates that could be more detrimental to their chance of hitting Infinite. It's an aspect of playing Marvel Snap that only a few players will think about, but it's something to be mindful of, especially when making important decisions.

Taking time to strategize their next plays can be extremely valuable when countering opponent's cards, determining what deck they're playing, when to snap, or the best time to retreat unless Mount Vesuvius appears, and can influence whether they retreat with fewer cubes or lose by significantly more. All it takes is one misplaced card, misunderstanding the location's ability, or not making a better play for a specific turn, which is a significant factor in whether they'll reach Infinite rank faster or continue to fall behind in the ranks.

Sometimes, opponents will trick players once they've locked in their plays after hitting the "End Turn" button, which should clearly indicate what potential card they drew or the deck they're playing. At the end of the day, running down the timer may be advised, but not recommended, to carefully think through their plays, play cards strategically at locations, and anticipate their opponent's cards better before ending their turn.

Best Decks To Reach Infinite Rank In Marvel Snap

Currently, there isn't a deck that surpasses all decks in terms of utilizing it to reach Infinite, as it all depends on which deck archetype they enjoy playing with, and they have a few good cards within the deck that can take advantage of at least two other archetypes. Perhaps one way of identifying which decks can carry them to Infinite is identifying which deck archetype they enjoy playing best (i.e., Control, Destroy, Discard, Lockdown, Ongoing, Zoo, etc...), which should help with searching for potential decks more efficient.

Another option is to see which decks and archetypes are currently in the meta and play around with these decks, build one personalized to their playstyle and needs, or counter opponents. With that said, below, we've highlighted a few meta decks that can be a starting point in helping players hit Infinite rank:

Bounce Junk

This deck is currently featured in our dedicated guide on the best Move decks mainly due to its unpredictable gameplay and great use of valuable tech cards like Enchantress and Shang-Chi to disrupt their opponent's play and Zabu to ensure Werewolf By Night (WWBN) is played as early as possible. The sole reason is that WWBN's ability is triggered each time an On Reveal card is played, making it hard for opponents to predict its next move as it gains power while flooding their board with negative costs moved across thanks to Annihilus.

Deadpool Destroy

Highlighted in our guide to the best Destroy decks, the Deadpool Destroy has remained a consistent feature in the game's meta, in which the main priority is to boost Deadpool's power before destroying as it doubles its power when regenerated back into their hand. This will help Knull gain power more efficiently, and with several core cards to play, destroying X-23 will give them enough energy to play high-cost cards.

Hela Lockjaw

Already one of the most powerful decks currently on the meta, much like Deadpool Destroy, the inclusion of Hela came at a time when this card was finally safe to include in deck-building, allowing it to synergize exceptionally well with notable cards like Black Knight and high-cost cards like Giganto and The Infinaut. Lockjaw is their core card, which helps set up power across the locations, and Hela ensures getting all these high-cost cards onto the board.


A tried and tested deck that has proven to be quite fun and mostly easy to understand, as the primary goal is to compete for location priority at two lanes and disrupt them with enhanced cards. These enhanced cards have new abilities unlocked with the High Evolutionary, with a few additional cards to compliment them, like Cosmo, Enchantress, Goose, or Leech, and giving players more room to play with Magik, which allows them to skip a turn and reduce She-Hulk's cost.

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