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How To Get Infinite Rank In Marvel Snap: Decks & Strategies Explained

Here is everything you need to know in order to reach Infinite rank in Marvel Snap!
How To Get Infinite Rank In Marvel Snap: Decks & Strategies Explained

Marvel Snap is one of the most addicting and innovative card battlers in recent memory. Already, players are hard at work constructing the perfect decks in order to climb the ever, so prestige ranked ladder. And why wouldn't they be? Marvel Snap has many incentives for reaching the upper-most ranks, including new titles, bonus currency, and even free Variants. Naturally, all Marvel Snap players aspire to one day reach the rank of Infinite.

However, this is easier said than done. Climbing to the highest rank in any competitive game is a difficult endeavor, but when you have the ability to octuple your cube gain or loss at the press of a button, climbing becomes a different beast altogether. So, if you are trying to reach Infinite rank in Marvel Snap, you've come to the right place. This article will answer the question "how to get Infinite rank in Marvel Snap" by teaching you the best deck lists, strategies, and of course, when to snap!

How To Get Infinite Rank In Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap
Players will get a limited title for reaching Infinite rank. (Picture: Nuverse)

How to get Infinite rank in Marvel Snap is not a question so easily answered. There is a ton of mechanics, cards, and interactions you will need to familiarize yourself with. So, let's break down each component one step at a time. 

Familiarize Yourself With Card Interactions & Locations

It sounds simple, but knowing how each keyword in the game works and how the effects interact with one another is key when climbing in Marvel Snap. The most common keywords are as follows:

  • Destroy
  • Discard
  • Move
  • Ongoing
  • On Reveal

Additionally, knowing how each card works in different locations will ensure you don't make silly mistakes. For example, Warpath - a card that gets additional power if one of your locations is empty - does not work on Worldship - a location that destroys the other two locations. Alternatively, Hobgoblin does work on Bar Sinister (and will fill the opponent's location with four copies), but it will leave one copy on the board on your side of the location (which could prove vital if you are planning to win the game based on power alone). 

Mastering how each card will interact with one another is the first step to answering how to reach Infinite rank in Marvel Snap. 

Building The Perfect Deck

Thankfully, this is not as difficult as it sounds, thanks to the almost countless sources for great decks online. It is very easy to search for a deck containing only cards you have in your collection and directly copy it into your game. Furthermore, there are plenty of videos of people explaining how to play the deck efficiently and even giving commentary over games so you can see the deck in action. 

If you don't want to net deck your way to Infinite, the deck-building process will be slightly slower and far more punishing. You will have to invest some losses trying out your favorite cards and replacing the ones that don't work. This will hurt your cube gain at the start, but it should be worth it in the long run. 

Marvel Snap
By increasing your Collection Level, you can acquire more cards and build better decks! (Picture: Nuverse)

Knowing When To Snap Or Retreat

Knowing when to snap and retreat in Marvel Snap is much more complicated than it sounds (so much so that we have developed an entirely separate guide about the topic). However, in short, you will want to snap the turn before your big game-winning power play to ensure the maximum amount of cube gain for your victory. 

Conversely, you will want to retreat if your hand is filled with useless cards or your opponent has just pulled off their own power play. At the higher ranks, retreating becomes much more common, as even if the game is still relatively undecided, retreating always minimizes cube loss. Unless the location is Ego, of course. Ego always equals snap!

Reading Your Opponent & Learning The Meta

This is probably the most impactful strategy in any competitive game. Reading your opponent and predicting what they want to do next will do wonders for your cube gain in Marvel Snap. For example, if your opponent has played Carnage, Bucky Barnes, Deathlok, and Wave, then proceeds to snap on turn five, it is highly likely that they are playing Death on the final turn. If you know what is coming, you can counter their play with a Shang-Chi, for example. 

Keeping up to date with the meta is also very important. Great players will not only know every card and strategy of their own deck but of every popular deck in the meta. This will help you to understand what your opponent wants to do, why they may snap early, and what their big finishers are. Unfortunately, this skill will only come in time the more you play Marvel Snap. 

And that's everything you need to know about how to get Infinite rank in Marvel Snap!