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Best Thanos Decks In Marvel Snap

Here are the best Thanos decks in Marvel Snap!
Best Thanos Decks In Marvel Snap

Thanos is one of the most iconic villains of all time. He played such a huge role in the largest climax in MCU history, and it will take a lot for fans to forget the purple gauntlet-wielding mass murderer anytime soon. Naturally, when Thanos made his way over to the world of Marvel Snap, fans quickly wanted to acquire him and add his powerful abilities to their decks. So, if you want to start snapping with the man who started it all, you've come to the right place. 

This article will cover the best Thanos decks in Marvel Snap you can use to reach Infinite rank. We will review the best deck lists, strategies, and synergistic cards to help Thanos reach his full potential!

Best Thanos Decks In Marvel Snap

Thanos is a strange card whose effect comes into play right from the start of the game (whether he is in your opening hand or not). At the start of the game, Thanos will shuffle the Infinity Stones into your deck. Each Stone has its own unique effect, and playing all of them over the course of a game will give Thanos a power boost. 

You might think it's a little hard to play every Infinity Stone when games in Marvel Snap are only six turns long. Therefore, building your deck around searching, powering up, and removing the stones is what Thanos decks are all about. Let's take a look at some of them. 

Marve Snap
Thanos is a big bad like Galactus and Kang.

Thanos Zoo Deck

Seeing as the Infinity Stones are all one-cost cards, it makes sense to add them to a swarming zoo-type of deck. Playing all the Infinity Stones on the board and then buffing them up is a great strategy and allows Thanos to come in on the final turn as your late-game finisher. 

Thanos Zoo Deck List:

Bounce Thanos Deck

The Infinite Stones have very powerful effects, most notably their ability to draw you more cards. Aside from Adam Warlock, there really isn't a lot of card draw in Marvel Snap. Being able to play the Infinity Stones multiple times is a very viable strategy. 

Bounce Thanos Deck List:

Marvel Snap
Thanos works well with Lockjaw.

Thanos + Lockjaw Deck

Finally, Thanos has great synergy with Lockjaw, so a Lockjaw-focused deck should also perform well. By dropping the stones at the same location as Lockjaw, you can pull far more powerful cards from your deck. 

Thanos + Lockjaw Deck List:

And these are the best Thanos decks in Marvel Snap!

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