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Are Fast Upgrades Worth It In Marvel Snap

Do you want to know if Fast Upgrades are worth their cost or are just a scam? We've got you covered!
Are Fast Upgrades Worth It In Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap's addictive and entertaining gameplay has players hooked! Collecting and battling with our favorite Marvel characters has never been so much fun. Unlike most card games, players can unlock new cards in Marvel Snap by upgrading their existing cards and increasing their Collection Level. Depending on the level of upgrade you perform, you can increase your Collection Level by one, two, or even six levels at once. To do this, you will need a certain amount of Credits and corresponding Boosters for the card you want to upgrade.

However, you may have noticed the Fast Upgrade section in the shop and wondered what it is and if it is worth your hard-earned in-game currency. That's where we come in. This article will cover everything you need to know about Fast Upgrades to help you decide whether or not to use them.

What Are Fast Upgrades In Marvel Snap?

Marvel Snap
Upgrading cards will increase your Collection Level. (Picture: Nuverse)

Let's first discuss how upgrading cards usually work in Marvel Snap. So, to upgrade a card, you will need a certain amount of Credits and Boosters. The first upgrade for a card requires 25 Credits and 5 Boosters and increases as you upgrade it further. The maximum upgrade (Infinity) requires 500 Credits and 50 Boosters.

The appeal for Fast Upgrades, at a glance, is that you can upgrade cards without the use of Boosters by paying the difference in Credits (at a rate of 5 Credits per Booster). You can upgrade three cards per day using the Fast Upgrade system, and this system is targeted to players who are low on Boosters. 

Are Fast Upgrades Worth It In Marvel Snap?

Marvel Snap
You can upgrade cards using Credits and Boosters. (Picture: Nuverse)

In short, Fast Upgrades are not worth it in Marvel Snap. Boosters are essentially in an unlimited supply, and you can farm this type of currency by playing games with the cards you want to upgrade. Credits, however, are your bottleneck when it comes to progression in Marvel Snap, as you can only obtain a certain amount daily via missions (unless you refresh using premium currency). 

You can always use Gold to buy more Credits if you are running low, but Gold is usually best spent on refreshing your missions, which will grant you Credits anyway, alongside Boosters and Season Pass XP. Fast Upgrades will hinder your progress in Marvel Snap and should only be used if you are a whale with more Gold and Credits than you know what to do with.