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All Ultimate Variants In Marvel Snap (2024)

Here is everything you need to know about Ultimate Variants in Marvel Snap!
All Ultimate Variants In Marvel Snap (2024)

Variants are one of the greatest collectibles in Marvel Snap. Because everyone eventually opens up all of the same cards via the Collection Level tracker, in a few years or so, there will be nothing to differentiate one account from another in terms of card collection. Variants are a great way to personalize your account, purchasable using gold in the shop 700 and 1200 Gold depending on rarity. However, the rarest Variants in the game are known as Ultimate Variants.

8 April 2024 - Page updated with new Ultimate Variants.

What Are Ultimate Variants In Marvel Snap?

Ultimate Variants In Marvel Snap are the rarest form of Variants, only purchasable via the Token Shop for 5000 Collector's Tokens. Normal Variants can be found in the shop and will reset daily. Rare Variants cost 700 Gold but can also be acquired from Collector's Reserves and Season Pass boxes. Super-Rare Variants can be bought for 1200 Gold and are only found in the shop. 

How To Get Ultimate Variants In Marvel Snap

Ultimate Variants have a 2.5% of appearing in your Token Shop during each reset (6.25% if you have completed Pool 3). As mentioned, these special Variants cost 5000 Tokens to pick up, which is almost the same price as a Series 5 card! Ultimate Variants are considered to be the rarest form of card in the game. Aside from Thanos and Galactus, Series 5 cards will drop down to lower pools eventually, where they will become more accessible. However, Ultimate Variants will always maintain their value. If you enjoy filling your Marvel Snap account with rare collector's items, you may want to consider picking up an Ultimate Variant or two given the chance. 

Marvel Snap
Variants in Marvel Snap can be Rare, Super-Rare, or Ultimate. (Picture: Nuverse)

All Ultimate Variants In Marvel Snap

Due to their rarity, there are very few Ultimate Variants in Marvel Snap. Some of these have been available via promotional events, but the majority are only available for those willing to part with their highly-valued Collector's Tokens.

At the time of writing there are 32 Ultimate Variant cards. You'll find a full list of every Ultimate Varient in Marvel Snap, just below:

  1. Adam Warlock
  2. Aero
  3. Angela
  4. Armor
  5. Black Panther
  6. Blade
  7. Cable
  8. Electro
  9. Elsa Bloodstone
  10. Gamora
  11. Ghost Rider
  12. Hulk
  13. Iceman
  14. Invisible Woman
  15. Iron Man
  16. Jane Foster Mighty Thor
  17. Killmonger
  18. Mystique
  19. Namor
  20. Nimrod
  21. Nova
  22. Red Skull
  23. Rogue
  24. Sera
  25. She-Hulk
  26. Silk
  27. Storm
  28. Thanos
  29. Thor
  30. Typhoid Mary
  31. Venom
  32. White Queen

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