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Is Marvel Snap Premium Season Pass Worth It?

Here is everything you need to know about the Premium Season Pass in Marvel Snap!
Is Marvel Snap Premium Season Pass Worth It?
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Marvel Snap is an incredibly addictive and entertaining card game. However, much like any digital or physical card game in this day and age, there is always the added incentive to spend money through microtransactions to either expand your collection or speed up your progress. The Marvel Snap Premium Season Pass is one of the major monthly expenditures players are expected to buy. The regular Season Pass in Marvel Snap rewards players for completing certain missions but locks several cards and currencies behind a paywall. Spending players will be able to obtain all the rewards for the Season Pass for a small monthly fee. So, the question becomes, is the Premium Season Pass in Marvel Snap worth spending your money on?

This article will cover everything you need to know about the Premium Season Pass in Marvel Snap to hopefully help you decide whether or not you want to shell out a little cash to pick it up.

Marvel Snap
The Season Pass resets every month. (Picture: Nuverse)

How Much Is the Premium Season Pass In Marvel Snap?

The Premium Season Pass costs $9.99, or the equivalent, in your local currency. Once purchased, you can begin to unlock the paywalled items that are locked away from free-to-play players. You will earn Season Pass XP by completing certain missions, and each new level you reach will provide a different kind of reward.

For free-to-play players, these rewards are staggered, meaning they will not obtain a reward for every new level reached. However, spending players will receive some kind of reward for every single new level obtained.

It's also worth noting players can choose to buy the Premium+ version for $14.99. Do note though that the only difference between the two tiers is that Premium+ will advance players 10 levels within the season pass immediately upon purchasing.

Marvel Snap
The Premium Season Pass costs $9.99. (Picture: Nuverse)

What Do You Get With The Premium Season Pass In Marvel Snap?

As mentioned, by completing certain missions, players will receive XP towards their Season Pass. Each new level you hit will give you some kind of reward. The rewards on offer vary between seasons, but certain things (like Boosters and Gold) will be the same every time. Here is what you can expect to find in a Marvel Snap Premium Pass:

  • 2600 Credits
  • 315 Boosters
  • 1200 Gold
  • 4 Cards (including a Variant for the poster card)
  • Four random Variants
  • 2 Card Backs
  • 3 Titles
  • 3 Icons

All in all, you receive quite a lot of rewards for purchasing the Premium Season Pass. The Pass rotates every month, and any incomplete milestones will no longer be able to be completed. 

Marvel Snap Variants
Each new season will also introduce new varients

Is The Premium Season Pass Worth It In Marvel Snap?

The Premium Pass is more than worth it if you are sure to complete all 50 levels. 

For starters, the $9.99 will give you 1200 Gold and if you were to buy the Gold outright from the store, it would cost $8.99 for 700. So, not only does the Premium Season Pass already pay for itself in terms of Gold efficiency, but it also gives you tons of extra rewards on top.

Comparatively, the rewards you receive from the free Season Pass are enough for anyone not fully invested in the game yet, or on the fence about whether they plan to stick around. However, anyone committed to playing the game long-term with enough disposable income to buy the pass should definitely consider doing so.

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