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How to Get All Marvel Snap Variant Cards: Rare, Super Rare, & Ultimate

Here is everything you need to know about Variant card rarities in Marvel Snap, including how to get Rare, Super Rare, & Ultimate cards.
How to Get All Marvel Snap Variant Cards: Rare, Super Rare, & Ultimate

Are you tired of having a generic Marvel Snap deck? Look no further, my friend! Variant cards are the answer to all your customization woes. With a wide variety of these beauties to choose from, each boasting its unique style, you can make your Marvel Snap account your own. So go ahead, dream big and collect all the Variant cards that catch your eye. Whether you're into pixel art or Venomized designs, the possibilities are endless! So, the question then becomes, how do you get different rarity Variant Cards? Let's find out!

Marvel Snap
Variants are divided into three different rarities. (Picture: Nuverse)

How To Get Rare & Super Rare Variant Cards

The easiest way to get Variant cards is by using premium currency (Gold) to purchase them in the shop. Every day, six random Variants will appear in the shop. Rare Variant cards cost 700 Gold, whilst Super Rare Variant cards cost 1200 Gold.

Only Rare and Super Rare Variant cards will appear in the daily shop.

Approximately 75% of all Variants are Rare, while the remaining 25% comprises Super Rare Variants. Unfortunately, the Variants offered by the daily shop are completely random, so you will have to check every day at the daily reset time in order to see if there is something worth buying.

Marvel Snap
You can use Gold to purchase Variants in the shop. (Picture: Nuverse)

How To Get Ultimate Variant Cards

Ultimate Variant cards are available in the Token Shop for 5000 Collector's Tokens. The Token Shop is only made available after collecting most of the other cards in the game and having a Collection Level of 500+. It's worth noting that there is an approximate 2-5% chance that an Ultimate Variant will appear in the shop daily.

Thankfully, if a Variant you want to buy pops up but you don't have enough Tokens to buy it at that time, you can pin the cards and purchase it at a later date. Otherwise, there are a few other ways to acquire Variant cards in Marvel Snap, including Season Pass rewards, Bundle purchases, and Gifts (check your inbox!) or by reaching the Diamond rank.

And that's everything you need to know about obtaining Rare, Super Rare, and Ultimate rarity Variant cards in Marvel Snap!

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