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Marvel Snap 2023 Roadmap: Coming Soon, In Concept, & More

Here's everything you can expect to see in Marvel Snap in 2023!
Marvel Snap 2023 Roadmap: Coming Soon, In Concept, & More

Marvel Snap has taken the TCG world by storm thanks to not only its fun and addictive gameplay but its overall polish regarding artwork and animation as well. Fans are absolutely in love with the game, and it is clear to see why this title was voted mobile game of the year at The Game Awards. Needless to say, Marvel Snap is not going anywhere anytime soon. The team at Second Dinner Studios is hard at work thinking of new and creative ways to improve the Marvel Snap experience. Whether it be streamlining progression even further or introducing co-op versus friends, you can expect big things from Marvel Snap in 2023. 

Thankfully, we don't have to speculate what exactly will be coming to the game, as a Marvel Snap 2023 Roadmap has been officially released by the studio. The brief explains all the content the team hopes to bring to Marvel Snap in the upcoming year. Let's take a look!

Marvel Snap 2023 Roadmap

Marvel Snap
Here is everything coming to Marvel Snap in 2023 - hopefully... (Picture: Nuverse)

The Marvel Snap 2023 Roadmap is broken down into three subcategories of development. The first stage of development includes features that should be coming to the game very soon. The second details mechanics that are currently in development. The final section lists several ideas that are in concept and are likely still in the planning stage. 

Coming Soon

Here is the list of features planned for immediate implementation in Marvel Snap:

  • Battle Mode vs. Friends
  • Name Change
  • Artist Credits
  • Russian and Vietnamese Language Support
  • Infinity Split Mod Details

Fans have been waiting for a way to play against friends in Marvel Snap for a long time, and it seems like the day will soon be here. Artist Credits is also another great feature coming to the game. Every card is so expertly designed, so fans of a particular art style will be able to search for the corresponding artist and check out the rest of their work. 

In Development

Here is everything currently being developed by Second Dinner Studios:

  • PC Widescreen UI
  • Smart Decks
  • Unranked Mode
  • New Competitive Mode

All of these are great additions to the game. Being able to play on PC and test out decks in a casual mode will be tons of fun. New competitive modes will also help to spice up the daily gameplay loop. 

Marvel Snap
Very soon you will be able to battle against your friends in Marvel Snap! (Picture: Nuverse)

In Concept

Finally, here are all the ideas currently being bounced around the Second Dinner Studios meeting room:

  • Guilds (Social Systems)
  • Infinity Rank Leaderboard
  • Collectible Emotes & Card Emojis
  • Mythic Variants
  • Booster Magnets
  • Avatars & Titles by Deck
  • PC Controller Support
  • Season Cache Improvements
  • In-Game Events

All of these ideas would make Marvel Snap even more fun. Being able to climb to the highest rank in the game is sure to get the competitive players trying out new and unique strategies. Any kind of social system would also allow for brainstorming between players as you strategize with friends about how to take down the latest meta deck.