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Best Cards To Get From Token Shop In Marvel Snap

Here's the best way to spend your Collector's Tokens in Marvel Snap.
Best Cards To Get From Token Shop In Marvel Snap

Collector's Tokens can be used to purchase cards you want from the Token Shop. These cards rotate every few hours and are priced between 1000 Tokens and 6000 Tokens depending on the rarity.

What Are The Best Cards To Buy With Collector's Tokens In Marvel Snap's Token Shop

As mentioned, different rarity cards cost different amounts of Collector's Tokens. Pool 3 cards cost 1000 Collector's Tokens, Series 4 cards cost 3000 Tokens, and Series 5 cards cost 6000 Tokens. Depending on your budget, you may want to focus on acquiring more cheaper cards as opposed to one single powerful card.

After the most recent changes to the Token Shop, only Pool 4 and 5 cards are available in the Token Shop. However, if you pin a Series 4 card before it drops to Series 3, when it eventually does drop, it will cost 1000 Tokens. 

For the time being, here's the cards we think you should be grabbing from the shop.

1. Thanos

Thanos is one of the big bads in Marvel Snap. These cards will never drop to Series 4 or Series 3, meaning they will always cost 6000 Tokens. When it comes to getting the most value out of your Tokens, it is recommended to pick these cards up before any others. Despite being nerfed, Thanos is still incredibly powerful, and the Infinity Stones offer a lot of versatility in different decks and situations.

2. High Evolutionary

High Evolutionary is an amazing archetype unlocking card in Marvel Snap. The great thing about High Evolutionary, is that most of the deck consists of starter cards, meaning as soon as you unlock it, you can get started playing right away.

3. Jeff

Jeff is a card that is deceptively powerful. Not only can Jeff be played in any location, no matter the restriction, but it can also be moved once. This effect, combined with his premium three-power for two energy, makes this card incredibly versatile.  

4. Zabu

For those who missed out on the Savage Land Season Pass, Zabu is still a dominant threat in today's metagame. Able to reduce the cost of your four-cost cards by one energy is incredibly helpful in a lot of different situations.

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