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Best Cards To Buy With Collector's Tokens in Marvel Snap: Token Shop Tier List

Are you looking to spend your Collector's Tokens on the best cards in Marvel Snap? You've come to the right place!
Best Cards To Buy With Collector's Tokens in Marvel Snap: Token Shop Tier List

There are a ton of cards to collect in Marvel Snap. Each card in Marvel Snap is separated into different pools to ensure that newer players don't have to worry about going up against veterans with all the best cards. While the first two pools of cards can be collected by every player relatively easily, from pool three onwards, things get tough. Now, instead of earning cards as you increase your Collection Level, you will have the chance to get a card at specific Collection Level milestones. 

To offset this, however, Collector's Tokens can be used to purchase cards you want from the Token Shop. These cards rotate every few hours and are priced between 1000 Tokens and 6000 Tokens depending on rarity. So, if you want to know the best cards to buy with Collector's Tokens in Marvel Snap, you've come to the right place. These are the cards you should snap up whenever they appear in your Token Shop!

Best Cards To Buy With Collector's Tokens In Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap
Token Shop cards cost between 1000 and 6000 Tokens. (Picture: Nuverse)

As mentioned, different rarity cards cost different amounts of Collector's Tokens. Pool three cards cost 1000 Collector's Tokens, Series 4 cards cost 3000 Tokens, and Series 5 cards cost 6000 Tokens. Depending on your budget, you may want to focus on acquiring more cheaper cards as opposed to one single powerful card.

These cards fit into many different archetypes while also being necessary enablers for other archetypes. Additionally, you can feel confident adding any of these cards to your collection as they are relatively future-proof. 


Sera is debatably the best card in Marvel Snap. She slots into most decks easily and gives your cards a ton of value. Cost reduction is very powerful in Marvel Snap (as those familiar with Zabu are well aware of). Sera reduces every card in your hand while providing decent stats for the board. In addition, certain combos in Marvel Snap are only possible with Sera, so grabbing her early will save you headaches in the long run.


Despite Leader's upcoming nerf, his powerful effect will remain just as annoyingly powerful as it has always been. Leader copies all cards your opponent played that turn but on your side of the field. In most cases, this results in you winning the game as you not only play the same stats as your opponent but also add Leader's three power on top. 


Another card on the chopping block but with an insanely powerful ability. Moving cards around has tons of potential. Whether you want to secure victory in a certain lane or combo with cards like Kingpin to destroy your opponent's cards, Aero can do it all!


Wong is another card that enables a ton of different deck archetypes. This card has tons of synergy with cards like Doctor Doom, Mystique, White Tiger, Gambit, and more. Wong is a must-have for any Marvel Snap enthusiast. 

Marvel Snap
Cards refresh every few hours in the Token Shop. (Picture: Nuverse)


Wave is a great card for discounting your high-power cards. Wave sets the cost of all cards to four on your next turn, allowing you to cheat out powerful cards much earlier. In addition, she has great synergy with Death, so if you already have Death in your collection, Wave is a must-buy!


Patriot is a little niche, only finding value in one particular deck. However, as every player should be able to use him, he is very valuable. Patriot buffs your cards with no abilities. All players receive almost every card with no text at the start of the game, allowing this single card to enable an entire archetype.


Brood is a must for any kind of swarming zoo deck. The card provides tons of stats and value allowing you to fill up locations instantly. Brood can then be buffed either by Patriot or Silver Surfer for some disgusting combos on turn six. 


Finally, She-Hulk is a great value card that rewards you for not spending mana. She-Hulk costs one less for each unspent energy on your turn. This allows her to be played as early as turn four for three cost, or you can play her for one on turn six! Copying She-Hulk with Moon Girl gives you even more destructive power on that final turn. 

Honorable Mention: Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel can be game-breaking or unimpactful, depending on the day. If possible, she will move to a location to secure your win on the final turn. There is a lot of RNG at play with Captain Marvel, as no two games will ever be the same. However, when she grants you that win on turn six, you will be glad to have picked her up. 

And these are the best cards to buy with Collector's Tokens in Marvel Snap!