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How To Link Your Account In Marvel Snap

Here is how you can link an account in Marvel Snap.
How To Link Your Account In Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap is truly one of the most entertaining and addictive mobile games in recent memory. Hot off its Game Awards win as best mobile game of the year; Marvel Snap continues to provide players with fun and exciting TCG action. Something about the art style, animation, and gameplay of Marvel Snap is so charming, and we love unlocking new cards to add to our collection. Unlike other card games that allow players to purchase packs directly in order to obtain cards, Marvel Snap has a progression system in which new cards are unlocked the more you play the game. 

This is a fun way to incentivize players to complete missions and enhance their cards in hopes of expanding their collection even more. It also encourages players to build decks using the cards they have on their accounts. However, this does mean that as a free-to-play player, you will be drip-fed cards at a very slow rate compared to those spending money. Naturally, protecting your account should be of the utmost importance. If you have spent money in the game, losing your account could waste tons of money. Alternatively, if you are F2P, losing your account will reset all your progress. You will need to link an email to your Marvel Snap account to make sure that doesn't happen. Here's how to do it!

Marvel Snap
Collect and battle with your favorite Marvel characters in Marvel Snap. (Picture: Nuverse)

How To Link An Account In Marvel Snap

There are two ways to link an account in Marvel Snap. The first method can be seen below:

  1. Download Marvel Snap and open the game.
  2. Press "Sign in with Google" on the title screen.
  3. Select your Google Account.
  4. Your account has been linked!

If done correctly, you should be able to play Marvel Snap on any device that has access to that Google account. 

Alternatively, if you have downloaded Marvel Snap and started the game as a guest, you will be prompted to link a Google Account at the end of the tutorial. If you decide not to link an account at this time, you will have to go to the homepage, click the gear/Settings icon in the top left corner, and choose the "Sign in with Google" option.

Anyone who sees themselves spending considerable time and/or money in Marvel Snap should link an account to ensure their Marvel Snap progress and collection are not lost.

And that's all you need to know about linking your account in Marvel Snap.

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