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Marvel Snap Series Drop Changes Confirmed For June 2024 Update

Here are all the cards that will be moving down a series level in the next update!
Marvel Snap Series Drop Changes Confirmed For June 2024 Update
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Marvel Snap cards are divided into different levels known as "Series", or sometimes "pools" depending on your preference. The important point is that these different levels are put in place to help enable newer players to get off to a good start as they learn the ropes without having to worry about facing a better player with every card in the game.

Pool 2 cards are obtainable by simply playing the game, and Series 3 cards have a good chance to drop from Collector's Caches. However, Series 4 and Series 5 cards are ten and one-hundred times rarer to obtain and cost a ridiculous amount of Collector's Tokens to buy. 

Most of the new cars will go into Series 5, but to alleviate bloat and make sure everyone has a chance of gaining these cards, Marvel Snap introduced the Series Drop feature. Which is essentially a semi-regular reshuffle, moving some cards from one group into another. This article will cover what the Series Drop feature is, how often it occurs, and what cards are changing!

When Is The Next Series Drop For Marvel Snap?

Marvel Snap has confirmed that the next Series Drop will take place on June 4, 2024. This will happen along with the release of the games new patch update.

When series drops were first introduced, the developers told fans: "We look forward to doing a Series Drop every month!" However, in the past year series drops typically happen every 6 months. Just below our countdown clock should show you (roughly) how long you have to wait until the next series drop takes place:

Time Until Next Marvel Snap Series Drop
13 days, 05:46:36

How Does The Series Drop Work In Marvel Snap?

As mentioned, the Series Drop will move certain Series 5 cards to Series 4 and Series 4 cards to Series 3. As new cards are added to Series 5 every month, this allows players to acquire older cards at a much better rate. Here are a few quotes from Marvel Snap to explain the process:

"With every Series Drop, some Series 5 cards will move to Series 4, and some Series 4 cards will move to Series 3. When cards drop Series, they become 10x more common in Collector’s Reserves, and much cheaper in the Token Shop."

All Cards Moving In The Next Series Drop

Series 5 to Series 4

Series 4 to Series 3

Marvel Snap Series Drop For June 2024
The upcoming series drop will impact 12 cards in the game.

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