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Marvel Snap Patch Notes Leak A Week Early

Huge meta-changing updates are on the way!
Marvel Snap Patch Notes Leak A Week Early

The upcoming patch notes for Marvel Snap have leaked a week early and detail some huge changes to powerful cards. The patch notes were revealed but quickly taken down by the developers. However, players manage to save the file and release it to the public. These updates are all subject to change, but if they go ahead as planned, the meta is in for a drastic shift. 

The biggest news includes nerfs to Loki, Annihilus, and Ms. Marvel. These three cards have been dominating the meta as of late, and Second Dinner clearly wants to tone down their power. Loki can no longer be used in conjunction with The Collector, as he will transform cards instead of replacing them.

Ms. Marvel and other cards will be nerfed. (Picture: Nuverse)

Ms. Marvel will require at least two cards of unique cost to be at adjacent locations to activate her ability, and Annihilus will have its power reduced and will only swap or destroy cards with less than zero power. 

While some other buffs are planned for lesser-used cards, it is the huge nerfs that have truly rocked the community. 

Players will need to wait and see if the nerfs go ahead as planned and, if so, what new decks will emerge from the ashes. 

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