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Is Warzone dying? JGOD says no but wishes it was

YouTuber and Call of Duty Warzone expert, "JGOD" contends that the Warzone is "not even close to dying" but wishes that it was so that Activision could curb the ongoing hacking issue.
Is Warzone dying? JGOD says no but wishes it was

Call of Duty Warzone (COD Warzone) Season 5 releases soon but the community is in an uproar following several accounts of hacking and cheating in the game. YouTuber, JGOD, who is famed for his Warzone content, previously said that the game is "basically unplayable" but contends that the game isn't dying out just yet.

Is Warzone dying? JGOD says no but wishes it was

In his latest YouTube video, entitled "Is Warzone dead or dying", JGOD openly addressed the state of affairs in Warzone. Right off the bat, in response to whether Warzone is dead, JGOD said: "No, it's not even close to dead. Unfortunately, I wish it was".

jgod youtube warzone not dead yet
JGOD says Warzone is not dead yet (Picture: YouTube / JGOD)

He explained that people's biggest concern right now is the "cheater problem" which has seen many notable influencers, such as NICKMERCS and TimTheTatman quit to go and play Apex Legends instead.

nickmercs faze clan quit warzone apex legends cheating
FaZe Clans' NICKMERCS quits amid cheating in Warzone to play Apex Legends (Picture: FaZe)

JGOD reaffirmed to fans that Activision does, in fact, have an anti-cheat system (albeit not very good) and explained the two systems that work to rid cheaters from the game.

He also explained that there was a "content drought" in Warzone in that players found the lack of new content "boring".

jgod on state of call of duty warzone cheating
JGOD on state of Warzone (Picture: YouTube / JGOD)

"People are getting burnt out because it’s literally the same [content] over and over", JGOD said before commending other battle royale titles like Apex Legends and Fortnite for their continual reinventing of the game.

JGOD explained that Fortnite frequently changes its maps and introduces exciting in-game events to keep players captivated. They even have dedicated "Icon Series" skins for celebrities, LeBron James and Ariana Grande, but also internet personalities, like Tyler "Ninja" Blevins.

fortnite ariana grande event season 7
Fortnite Ariana Grande in-game event (Picture: Epic Games)

He said that Warzone updates are "lacklustre" and are "mostly a face-lift, cosmetic 80s theme which doesn't really do it for people". "[Activision] have done stuff but it's not enough", JGOD added.

Ending off the video, JGOD hoped that Activision would more urgently fix the issues currently plaguing Warzone. He explained that if Warzone was indeed "close to dead", it would likely prompt Activision to do a better job at fixing the game.

Activision has several contentious matters on their hands right now and while they have at least done something to curb the cheating problem, it's simply not been enough. To put a finger on how bad the situation is, they previously banned 500,000 cheaters and recently shut down the cheat provider CrazyAim.

If the current situation remains untamed, we could see a lot more players getting fed up and quitting the game, and at that point, it may just be too late.

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Header image via YouTube / JGOD.

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