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Diablo Immortal Amber Blades Set - How To Get And Price

Here's how you can get the Amber Blades Cosmetic Set and the price you'll pay for it in Diablo Immortal.
Diablo Immortal Amber Blades Set - How To Get And Price

Diablo Immortal is bringing us a new batch of content and features to enjoy this month, with a new Class Change mechanic, a new Helliquary boss, feature updates, and much more to enjoy. One of these additions is a new Cosmetic Set called the Amber Blades, and if you're interested in grabbing it once the new content arrives then keep reading. 

Below we will give you all the details you need to know regarding the Amber Blades Cosmetic Set, along with how you can get it and the price it will be going for.  

Diablo Immortal Amber Blades Set - How To Get And Price

This Cosmetic Set will be available to purchase through the in-game shop once the new content is added. And it will cost roughly 1,000 eternal orbs, or USD 16.50, being in line with all the Standard Cosmetic Set prices in the game previously. 

Diablo Immortal Amber Blades Set How To Get And Price Overall Details
The new Amber Blades Cosmetic Set will be available through the in-game store. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

They will give players a shield from the sun's unyielding rays while trekking through the unforgiving seas of sand. It is themed after the Amber Blades look that applies to both your armor and weapons and we think it looks pretty badass with its almost Mad-Max aesthetic. 

The new Amber Blades Cosmetic Set is inspired by the desert gang of the same name, and the background for this group as stated by Blizzard is: "The Blades condemn the Scorpions’ forced labor and attacks on caravans, and take every opportunity to disrupt their most vicious plans. Whether this approach is a matter of morality or a recruiting technique is known only to the Amber Blades themselves."

This new cosmetic comes in tow with the other content additions to the game and gives players a ton of new features to enjoy while playing with the new Amber Blades Cosmetic Set. All this and more will be available once the content update arrives on the 20th July at 3 a.m. server time, and for more information, be sure to check out all the upcoming changes and features coming to Diablo Immortal this month.

Diablo Immortal Amber Blades Set How To Get And Price Gameplay and Desert Location
The Amber Blades Cosmetic Set suits players going through the harsh desert. (Picture: YouTube / Zelgraz)

And that's everything you need to know about the new Amber Blades Cosmetic Set arriving in Diablo Immortal. We hope to see many of you grabbing this awesome-looking cosmetic and tearing through demons as you protect Sanctuary. 

For more on the game, head to our section dedicated to the latest Diablo Immortal guides, news, tips, and much more.


Featured image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

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